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The culture of hate enabled Hut murderers to think of themselves as victims because “the person whose throat you do not cut will be the one who cuts yours. ” Where do you think ideas like that come from? Have there been or are there currently situations similar to the “culture of hate” today? What would you suggest as a possible cure? 2. Reassigning describes how he would listen to absurdly racist radio debates.

Though he loathed the opinions expressed, he found the shows fascinating. Why do you think people are drawn to media sources that they disapprove of? Is there a difference between our Constitutional freedom of expression and offensive &/or inflammatory speech? Do you think that there should be limits on expression in the media? Do you think that there already is censorship? 3. How does Reassigning use the “Rwanda No” as a way to critique first his own culture and then the international community?

What effect do Resignation’s accounts of the actions of the United Nations and the United States eve on your impression of either? What, if anything, do you think that the international community should do in situations similar to Rwanda? Some who denounced him accused him of being a rebel spy – said about Victor Paul is Hut Wife is Tutsis Tutsis are taller and more elegant. Belgians created the division between Hut and Tutsis. They picked people, with thinner noses, lighter skin. Belgians used the Tutsis to run the country.

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And then when they left, they left the power over to the Hut. Hut then took revenge on Tutsis for years of oppression Pull’s neighbor run to him because he is the only Hut they can trust President gets murdered by the Tutsis. They tricked him into signing their phony peace agreement. Shot his plane from the sky Paul is secretly a Tutsis Hut are targeting Tutsis children to wipe out the next generation Hut army comes and are ordering everyone out of the hotel 100 staff 800 guests made up of Tutsis and Hut refugees French supplied the Hut army

Soon all the Tutsis will be dead- Pall’s friend says that to him. Says they are already halfway there Paul sheltered 1268 outs’ and Hut refugees at the Miles Isoclines Hotel in Kigali In 2002 General Augustan Beginning was captured in Angola and transported to the U. N War Crimes Tribunal Tanzania. At the same tribunal the Interweave leader George Rutland was sentenced to life The genocide ended in July 1994 when the Tutsis rebels drove the Hut army and the Interweave militia across the border into the Congo


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