English as an Obstacle Essay

English as an Obstacle

            English has always been used as a medium of instruction. For Americans, English was a native tongue, that other people from the different parts of the world find difficult. Little did I know that there was more to English than just speaking the language. There were the technicalities that had to be studied and taken seriously. One of these was reading comprehension.

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            As a child, I found comprehension to be a barrier to my knowledge. Sometimes, I found it difficult to understand something that I have read in class. Much to my dismay, some of my grades were actually affected. Soon, I found myself on the verge of coping with the problem. I took the initiative to actually study and help myself with this difficulty. Through this trial, I was able to realize a lot of new things. I have learned that there was more to studying than just learning how to speak. Sometimes, what matters most is what w understand in the lessons that we take during class hours. Some are actually effective when we go on to live our lives as adults.

            When I went to college, I actually found comprehension to be something of great importance. From memorizing everything in high school, I realized that college was actually focused on understanding the things taught in school. It was never about what and how much you can memorize in books and journals, but what one can retain in his bank of knowledge. From then on, I have decided to always update myself with readings that can eventually help me to succeed. Reading comprehension was definitely something to be taken seriously, for it  is one of those factors that help people become successful in their lives.


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