Energy Debate in the United States Essay

Energy Debate in the United States Since the 1950’s The United States have consumed energy mainly driven by oil. The demand has almost tripled since then and because of that, the United States have depended on energy supplies from countries that are not reliable and are unstable. The risks and cost of oil rising is a concern for most people to think we should turn to a different energy resource that is cheaper and more reliable than oil.

The United States would be better off if we could lead the way in creating the technologies of the future in alternative fuels and energy. I believe that the United States would be in a better situation if they didn’t have to rely on other countries to supply us with energy supplies. We are spending way too money on oil which is also affected the gas prices here in the U. S. If we were able to create technologies in alternative fuels and energy we could be the ones supplying other countries and making a prophet.

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This also could solve other issues we have here in the U. S. For instance, solving the unemployment issue by creating jobs to meet the demand, by making a prophet, this could help in reducing our debt in this country, and not having to rely on other countries any more to supply our demand of energy supplies. This belief of mine sounds so simple but I am sure it’s not as easy as it sounds. I would like to see our country be able to solve this issue and be able to be a leader in the future when it comes to alternative fuels and energy.

I think that there are two perceptual blocks and habits that hinder my thinking when it comes to viewing other opinions on the energy debate. One would be the mine is better habit. Even though many people might have the same opinion as I do about that we need to change how we supply energy, I would usually think my idea would be the best. Now that I am older, I like to see what others had to say about the energy debate and I do agree with what has been said. I believe that some of the ideas that were given are actually better than mine.

The other habit that might hinder my thinking would be resistance to change. All though I agree that we, as the United States, need to change how we get energy, it might be difficult at first to change my ways. We are so use to how we get our energy and how oil is such a demand for many things, it could be hard to change how things are run with the way of getting energy. I do think that getting information and educated on the new way would help the resistance to change. I like to know what I would be changing to before I do it.

Not that I would have a choice or anything in this matter, but at least knowing would be a comfort in change. We as the United States need to change the way we consume our energy but other means than oil. Being a leader in technologies of alternative fuels and energy would be way to solve many issues we have as a country. I might have my faults in some habits I have that could hinder what I believe, but this is a problem that is being going on too long and something needs to change to make this country a leader.


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