Employees’ their jobs. No matter what the

Employees’ overall perspective towards
their work and work conditions can be explained by the concept of job
satisfaction (J. Shen, 2007). The reason why job satisfaction has been formed
is to express how employees feel about themselves as an individual towards
their work and it often originates from different psychological needs experienced
by the work setting (S. Kumagai S, 2010). The human relations movement of
organizational management laid the establishment concluding that happy and
satisfied employees work harder than those who are dissatisfied (K. Miller,
2012). In this manner, job satisfaction is often referred as a key factor of
efficiency in numerous cutting edge organizations (S. Kumagai S, 2010).
Frederick Herzberg’s Motivation-Hygiene theory examines job satisfaction among
several theories of the human relations movement (K. Miller, 2012). Herzberg
also asserts that the determinants that contribute in advancing job satisfaction
were proposed and have been altered since 1950’s, including obligation and
career advancement which are also known as motivators, while hygiene
determinants avert other employees from being dissatisfied including natural
conditions and social relations at work, and they can be averted by time but
are not steady (J. A. Medved, 1982). Organizations must keep up motivators and
hygiene determinants through different facilities and essential programs at a
high level for their employees to help them keep a positive state of mind
towards their work, which helps in consistently enhancing the efficiency of the
organization and it is the most common way to make employees feel more
satisfied with their jobs. No matter what the situation is, job satisfaction
being affected by social systems in organizations can still be inter-subjective
(Brett W. Robertson, 2017). Boren and Johnson found out that the drawback
behind decrease in job satisfaction can also be the hatred-filled messages
coming from their co-workers (S. L. Johnson, 2013). Malone and Hayes noticed
that the overall workplace environment was also negatively influenced due to
the betrayal behavior among coworkers (J. Hayes, 2012). Organizational resolve
can be reduced due to these resentful outcomes. Organizations must be louder
than those hatred-filled employees, since job satisfaction is decisive. Job
satisfaction among employees could be helped by making their vital strategic
programs visible but might require more endeavor. Unsatisfied employees could
adversely affect other employees’ satisfaction and not everyone will stay
positive towards their work (Brett W. Robertson, 2017).


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