Emerging Technologies Sample Essay

Before we begin to speak about what effects emerging engineering has on today’s digital society we need to understand what digital society agencies. A digital society is the modern and progressive society that has formed as the consequence of the acceptance and the integrating of information and communicating engineerings in the place. at the work topographic point. in the schools and for diversion ( Information Technology Authority. 2012 ) .

After making research on emerging engineerings on today’s digital society I found that there are several published articles discoursing the effects that new engineering has on human life and concerns. One article that I found negotiations about the drastic impact that engineering has had on the manner we do concern today as to how we use to make concern twenty old ages ago. Before we would hold to carry on meetings face to face by going to the meeting topographic point but now we can hold meetings face to face and ne’er have to go forth the office or the metropolis for that affair. When directing and having memo’s we would hold to facsimile the memo or direct it by mail old ages ago but today we have email. If we had to hold a conference meeting with other companies each company would hold to pass a great trade of money to acquire each employee or representative to the location of the conference meeting but today we have we conferencing with is much cheaper and you can hold everyone in the meeting all at one time ( Business Knowledge Source. com. 2003-2010 ) .

Another article I found was on the consequence that emerging engineering has on human life. We have become so dependable on engineering that we are about lost without it for illustration we can now make most of all if non all of our personal concern online such as our banking. measure paying and speaking with friends and relations utilizing e-mail and societal media such as Facebook and chirrup ( Brown. 1999-2012 ) . We as when we needed to make research for a paper for school or needed information like phone Numberss and addresses we would hold to travel to the library or expression in the phone book. but today emerging engineering has made it so that we do non hold to go forth the house or pick up the phone book to acquire the information that we need it is all on the universe broad web. When it comes to communicating with household or friends we have the option of naming from a cell phone. e-mailing or utilizing societal media ( Brown. 1999-2012 ) .

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Social media is one of the emerging engineerings today this manner of communicating has allowed today’s society to link with others in ways that would hold taken months possibly even old ages to make. One of the most popular societal media sites is Facebook. Facebook has made pass oning with others and linking with friends really easily. The positive alteration of Facebook is that you can link with household and friends that live far off within proceedingss. When you have particular events or images that you want others to see you can upload them to Facebook and those that are far off can portion them with you. Another good thing about Facebook is that you have the chance to run into new people without holding to go forth the comfort of your place and you besides have the ability to make a big societal web that can take to great chances in your calling. Facebook can besides take you to more resources and information that you may non be able to happen on Google or other resource sites ( Positively Presents. 2010 ) .

Merely as there are some good things about Facebook there are some bad things as good and sometimes the bad out ways the good. Facebook has made it so that you are covering with people face to confront granted it is an first-class manner to run into others but it is besides a manner for you non to come face to face which can go a job when you do really hold to be face to face with others. Facebook has besides given people another manner to bully others this is called cyber intimidation and this type of strong-arming seems to be worse than the sort that is done in individual. The ground I say that is because in individual merely a few people see and hear what is said but when it is done on Facebook 1000s see what is said and it merely seems to amplify itself. Another negative alteration about Facebook is the loss of privateness. There is the potency of others choping into your history and reading all of your personal information without you even cognizing it ( Positively Presents. 2010 ) .

As emerging engineering alterations daily the consequence that it has on digital society is apparent in the manner that we communicate with one another. the manner that we do concern and how we stay in touch with household friends and run into new people. Facebook is one of those emerging engineerings that allows us to pass on meet people and web in ways that would hold taken a great trade of clip to make if we had to make it the old fashioned manner. Although Facebook has it positive side and negative side it is the manner engineering is traveling.


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