Embrace Rahul Panicker. The four founders met

Embrace was founded in 2008 by Jane Chen, Linus Liang, Naganand Murty and Rahul Panicker. The four founders met as graduate students at Stanford University in a Design for Extreme Affordability course, where they were challenged to design an infant warmer that would cost 1% the price of traditional warmers 1In 2007 fact-finding trip to Nepal and India, the team realized their design would have to take into account the infrastructural challenges in developing countries, including unreliable power and limited skills of healthcare staff. An initial prototype was developed resembling a baby sleeping bag with a removable, heat able wax insert that prevented hypothermia in premature and low-birth-weight babies, which took into account the limitations of the developing country environment.2 Temperature control during resuscitation in the delivery room is particularly important in reducing mortality and morbidity in very low birth infant. In very preterm new born infant there will be a drop in body temperature after birth unless measures are taken to prevent this heat loss. Currently some of the methods of warming an infant are used in different parts of world which includes radiant warmer drying the skin, removing wet linen, and placing an infant on a pre warm blanket. Despite of these measures infants are at a high risk for cold risks. A recent technology has been used to lower the risk of cold stress. It is the introduction of different transparent membranes which has made it possible to limit evaporative heat loss and to permit heat gain through radiations. 3Kangaroo mother care is a kind of technology which is alternative to inadequate and insufficient incubator care for those preterm new born infants who had overcome initial problem and required only to feed and grow.All these technologies have some issues and crises in performing better than a radiant infant warmer.


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