Electrical Cars vs. Gas Powered Cars Essay

Everyday gas powered cars destroy the environment and the people that drive these gas guzzlers pay a ton of money to use them. Many people think that gas powered cars are better than electric cars, but they do not know the real truth. After you read this paper you will understand why electric cars are better for yourself and the environment; you might even have to buy one! There are many credible sources that prove the benefits of having an electric car and describe the differences between electric cars and gas powered cars, which is beneficial information to people who drive gas- powered cars.

Based on the sources, electric cars have more benefits than gas-powered cars. Everybody should switch from gas powered cars to electric cars because they can help an individual, help the economy, and help the environment. Switching from gas powered cars to electric cars would make one a happier because it would save him or her money. Electric cars are cost efficient, since they don’t use gas. The gas price increases almost every day, because oil is a scarce resource, and we have to rely on foreign countries for oil. This causes people who drive gas powered cars to spend more money on gas than the other more important things.

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Electric cars use electricity, which is a renewable resource unlike oil, and we don’t have to rely on other countries for it. This means that the cost to plug-in an electric car will not increase in contrast to how gas prices increase daily. Rick Newman from General Motors stated, “…electrics will run purely on battery power, at least part of the time. That will allow them to take advantage of electricity rates that, mile for mile, are significantly cheaper than gas. ”(48) I agree with Rick Newman, because it doesn’t cost anything to pug-in an electric car.

The cost of gas would eventually surpass the amount of money a person would have spent on an electric car. Therefore, maintaining electric cars can also save a person money. They have very simple engines which consist of only one moving part that is run by one battery, whereas gas powered cars have many moving parts in the engine that are possible failures. That means more trips to the car shop and more money spent. The batteries in electric cars are a one- time expense, but they will last 200,000 miles on average, which is about the same mileage a gas powered ngine will last. So in the end, buying an electric car would actually save electric car owners money, because they won’t have to pay for gas, and the electric car will last longer. An electric car would benefit an individual, but some may argue that it would not help an entire economy. Nations should recommend people to buy an electric car and kick gas-powered cars to the curb, because it will help the economy. Countries around the world look for new ways to grow their economy, and the production and development of electric cars is the best way for their economy to grow.

In the article “The Great Battery Race,” Steve Levine stated, “There simply isn’t enough petroleum on the planet to satisfy everyone. The result is a new global interest in alternatives…the development of an affordable, powerful electric car. ”(89) Steve Levine is correct in the sense that there is a scarcity in the amount in the amount of petroleum in the world. Many countries have to depend on foreign countries for oil, so an alternative to gas is a priority. I agree with Levine that countries, who are dependent on other countries for oil, should in fact switch to electrical cars for this reason.

This will help any country because they will no longer have to buy gas and their government can profit on the electricity that they produce. Levine also states, “They will also enable an electric-car industry on the order of half a trillion dollars… capable of spawning companies on the scale of ExxonMobil, General Electric, and Toyota. ”(89) This quote explains the fact that the electric car industry will be the fastest growing industry in the world. The electric car industry will prosper, therefore creating more jobs for people who are unemployed.

This will help the economy greatly, because it will cause unemployment to decrease, which will make people spend more money, and help get the government out of debt. If more nations recommend people to buy electric cars, then it can not only help the economy, but also the environment. People should use electric cars rather than gas-powered cars because electric cars are beneficial to the environment. The environment is the most important part of our world, and people who drive gas powered cars are destroying it every day.

Gas powered cars harm the environment because they release toxic emissions, and these emissions are burning a hole through the ozone layer. This damage to the ozone layer will cause climate changes, and it will cause the earth to heat up by a notable amount. Then the glacial ice will start to melt and regions along the coasts of countries will be harmed with flooding. In the article “Accelerating the Pace of EV Deployment” Angela Neville states, “…electrical vehicles have fewer emissions, including carbon, than fossil fuel-powered cars. Neville is saying that gas powered cars emit toxic emissions that are damaging the ozone layer, whereas electric cars emit little to no emissions. The world needs to recognize this flaw in gas-powered cars, because if there is a global endorsement of electric cars, then it will decrease the amount of emissions, such as carbon dioxide, that harm the ozone layer. The decrease in emissions will cause the amount of pollution in the air to decrease, and it will help stop destruction of the ozone layer.

The environment will benefit from a healthy ozone layer because it will cause global warming to no longer exist, thus stopping the ice caps from melting. Some may argue that batteries are too expensive, and they wear down too quickly. However, there is a new and better battery called a solid- state battery; this battery is much smaller than the usual battery. Kevin Bullis stated in the article “High-energy cells for cheaper cars,” “Cutting the size of the system in half could cut its cost in half, too.

Since the battery is the most expensive part of an electric car… that would make it far cheaper. ” The new battery is cheaper because it requires less material and this makes it less bulky. This means that cost of owning an electrical car would decrease even more. This battery is more reliable, and will last a lot longer by using new materials that can store even more energy than predecessors. Longer battery life also means less spending an owner must do. Electric cars are beneficial in many different ways.

An individual can save money by buying an electric car because he or she will not have to pay for gas or spend as much money on maintenance. Countries must endorse people the purchase of electric cars. This will increase the employment rate, and help their nation get out of debt by creating an industry. Electric cars can also help the world because they can be beneficial to the environment if enough people buy them. Buying an electrical car not only benefits a single person, but it can also benefit the entire world. That is the reason why everyone should switch from gas powered cars to electric cars.


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