Eagle Eye Movie Review Essay

In the thriller Eagle Eye. two stranger’s lives are intertwined by a cryptic. female telephone company. Jerry Shaw ( LaBeouf ) returns to his flat one twenty-four hours to happen he has received arms. ammonium nitrate. classified DOD paperss. and forged passports. Later. Jerry receives a unusual phone call that informs him that the FBI is on the manner and that he needs to fly. but he refuses and is arrested. Rachel Holloman’s ( Monaghan ) son’s life is shortly subsequently threatened by the company. coercing her to help Jerry Shaw in his flight from the FBI and other cryptic workss demanded by the company. Unfortunately. the petitions of the anon. company become progressively unsafe as the FBI rapidly place Jerry and Rachel as the country’s most wanted runawaies. It becomes evident mid-way through the film that the female company is utilizing mundane engineering to track and pull strings the incapacitated brace. Although escaping conditions are ineffectual. Jerry and Rachel come to recognize they have to work together in order to happen who disrupted their lives. and prevent the devilish aims of the mastermind behind the phone calls.

First and first. this film is extremely unrealistic. It is clearly non possible that a computing machine could command Cranes. power lines. and traffic visible radiations during a high-velocity pursuit to see that a brace of guiltless civilians could get away unhurt from tonss of constabulary vehicles. However. Eagle Eye. does more than provide wildly unlikely pursuit scenes in its plotting. This film shows how engineering can devour us by exemplifying the weakness of Jerry and Rachel. The two could make nil to hedge the computerized. female. phone calls because non merely was the anon. woman’s presence seen everyplace. but the lives’ of Jerry and Rachel were at interest along with the lives’ of their loved 1s.

Turkle likewise displays that engineering has the capacity to devour us when she says. “I disquieted whether losing oneself in universes within the machine would deflect us from confronting jobs in the real” ( xi ) . This quote applies to the film because both Jerry and Rachel are wholly distracted from their personal lives while under the influence of the company. The manipulative nature of engineering on Jerry and Rachel is seen when the brace obeyed the phone call and evaded the constabulary and robbed an armoured truck. Although one could state they are subjecting to the phone company in order to salvage their loved 1s. they could alternatively make the legal thing by turning themselves into the FBI. The message that I take off from this is that engineering can devour people by doing it look that giving in to to engineering is the lone option.

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Turkle suggests that worlds and engineering have a symbiotic relationship. This seems to be straightforward. but what I believe she thinks we should recognize is non what engineering does for us. but what it does to us. In Eagle Eye. one time Jerry and Rachel began to decline to react to the adult female. the effectivity of the mayhem was reduced. Turkle provinces. “Computers no longer wait for worlds to project intending onto them. Now. sociable automatons run into our regard. speak to us. and larn to acknowledge us. They ask us to take attention of them ; in response. we imagine that they might care for us in return” ( 2 ) . I think that one time Jerry and Rachel saw that they were being manipulated by engineering. they realized they had to take non to react. It becomes evident that engineering was non truly functioning its intent because it was the phone company utilizing Jerry and Rachel. engineering utilizing the worlds. an awkward sarcasm. Simply non going a victim was the solution.

Eagle Eye is rather the far-fetched film to state the least. However. we can see how manipulative engineering can be by looking at the histories of Jerry and Rachel. The female company who symbolized technological corruptness showed the scaring possibilities of a non so far off technologically centered universe. Turkle has similar frights and foresights and realizes that worlds are topics to the power of their devices.


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