During tombs is Stonehenge, pictured below, located

During the early Neolithic period of prehistoric Europe, it
was common practice to conduct ceremonies for the dead and to bury them in stone
mausoleums called megalithic tombs. It was believed that an entire community
would work together to build these tombs and when someone died they would hold
theatrical ceremonies that would bring the community together. Archeologists
have even found linear designs carved into the stone of the tombs which were
probably created during their rituals for the dead. It’s considered that one of
the most famous of these megalithic tombs is Stonehenge, pictured below, located
in Wiltshire England. The design of Stonehenge is complex and the type of stone
it was built with was located so far away it must’ve taken a large group of
people cooperating in order to build. In a way Stonehenge is a prehistoric
sculpture dedicated to the dead.  


The funerary practices during the Neolithic period are very
much alike to the modern burial practices today. People today are most commonly
buried in graves rather than tombs, but people back in that period were
commonly buried together in their megalithic tombs the same way we’re buried in
graveyards together. We still have ceremonies when our loved ones have passed,
but the Neolithic people were thought to associate death with “public
theatrical performances” and “group identity and cohesion” while nowadays our funerals
are more solemn and are days dedicated to mourning the recently departed. 

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