During recommend the farmers to spray pesticides.

                   During bachelors, there was a programme called RAWEP, where I spent 5 months in a village along with my friends. There, our work is to identify the pests and pathogen damage symptoms in crops like Maize, Rice, Cotton, and Chillies and calculate the intensity. Sometimes we sent the disease samples to the lab to identify the causal organism because under field conditions we can’t differentiate disease symptoms from nutrition deficiency symptoms if they are present on the same plant as they look almost similar. We calculated the intensity of pests by quadrant method and by installing pheromone traps at random places within the field and calculated the Disease incidence by just counting the number of infected plants. If the insect’s population exceeds the threshold level, then we recommend the farmers to spray pesticides. We collected soil samples from the farmer’s field and tested to know the fertility status of the soil (N, P, K content in the soil) in the lab. We conducted many method demonstrations based on the problems which were there in the field at that time. We noted down the gap between the methods proposed by scientists and methods followed by farmers along with reasons for that gap.

                      I have done an Internship at NRI Agri Tech breeding company where I worked on breeding of different crops like barley, rye, Maize, Chilli, Cotton, Dolichos, Bhendi and Black gram. There I gained practical experience of crossing and selection techniques in Tomato, Cotton, and Bhendi. There I worked on CMS lines of Chilli and Bhendi. I performed crossings in maize which is very difficult. I also worked on testing the salt resistance of a Dolichos variety. I maintained records of crossing which is the most important thing in breeding.

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                        Practical experience gained during Bachelors: – I have experience in preparing slides of disease sample and to identify the causal organism based on spores (Pathology). I worked on calculating the effect of different concentrations of insecticides on Insects (Entomology). I have experience in performing crossings in many plants (Plant Breeding). Preparation of cultures of Bacteria and identification of strains based on the culture (Microbiology). I have experience in soil sampling and testing to know the fertility status of the soil (Soil Science). Direct experience in crop growing (Agronomy). 


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