Dunkin’ case Essay

This strategic alliance serves Dunking’ Donuts strategy of “aggressive expansion ” by opening new stores and being available everywhere. (compel, 2006) 3- Yes, the expansion plan In US market either though the strategic alliance or stores was successful In achieving the company vision and growing rapidly In The United States. This growth generated great revenue and enabled Dunking’ Donuts to go overseas by franchising counting on the brand reputation. (http:// Strengths: Well known brand with a good reputation. Profitable company. Verity of products with high quality. Different profitable brands ( Basking Robins ).

Affordable prices. Global presence. Intuitive thinking. Weakness: Opening many branches In same locations. = neglecting developing coffee. Lack of healthy choices. Depending on reputation and customer trust = low effort on marketing. Opportunities: Create new brands. Focusing on social responsibility in marketing plan(opening new branches = hiring more Job seekers). Distribution its products through different channels such as wall mart. Threats: Low level of revenue per-store. New entrance. High competition from Cataracts, crispy seeker, and McDonald’s’. The entry barriers are low. (fox, 2012)


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