Dtudy Abroad Impacts Essay

There is no doubt that going to study abroad in a foreign country, with its different language and culture, can be frustrating and sometime very painful experience. But while overseas study has its beneficial side, the difficulties are far outweighed by the advantages. It’s clear that people who lived abroad open themselves up to experiences that those who stay at home will never have. The most noticeable advantage to overseas university study is the living with a different language.

While it is possible to study a foreign language in the person’s own country, we cannot compare it to instant use of the language academically in real life. It’s the best opportunity to improve second-language skills when you live in the country which is spoken. More over living abroad will enhance personal growth, self-awareness of your own culture and country and your career. “It will change your life. You’ll come back a new person. ” Mary M. Dwyer Ph. D. and Courtney K. Peters. Also he made a survey shows 82% of return students had acquired skills sets that influence career path.

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Furthermore employees always prefer independent people who had faced in or outside classes’ difficulties; abroad students have intercultural development and open minded to other cultures more than the others. as well as they are better to understand their own culture values and biases. Studying abroad make people think out of the box, for many second and third world countries graduated students from overseas educational institutes have very high and leading position jobs either in government or private sector.

On the other hand leaving your home, your family and friends and everything that you are used to, can be very difficult to some people «Homesickness”. Secondly many students had faces problems to get used to the culture; it could be different and uncomfortable living in a different country. Unable to do things you are used to do can be very frustrating as well “Culture Shock”. William W. Cressey said in his book (Guide to studying abroad)” there is a fairy well established “W-curve” of ups and downs during a typical student’s first semester “.

Thirdly is until the moment when a student can speak the host country language he or she will find a miscommunication during their studies, which has a huge impact on almost everything. Students needs to understand enough to lean, especially that other countries have different teaching attitude and style which might be very different than students own country, for example, in the UK undergraduate students expected to do lots of independent study and read by their own, while in the U. S its completely different .

Even things which people think is not a big deal like food could be a big issue to some students. When considering studying abroad, we must be aware of the advantages and disadvantages, you can overcome the disadvantages by learning more about the country and adapting ourselves to a new different world rich of opportunities, however is not for everybody except those who are prepared well, willing to gain experiences in life and personal benefits and adventures which will effect on your character and career and probably your whole future, so that despite all difficulties studying abroad is worthwhile.


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