Drugs and Society Sample Essay


Marijuana besides known as either grass. Mary Jane. pot and herb amongst many other slang words is a common name for a drug which originates from the upper foliages of the flower of Cannabis Sativa. Cannabis “remains the most widely used illicit substance in the world” is besides a term which is referred to marijuana and to other drugs that are made from the same works. It is by and large smoked or ingested and it comes in three signifiers chiefly being Marijuana or herbal hemp. Hashish or hash and Hash oil or rosin. Marijuana comes in the signifier of a mixture of dried foliages. roots and seeds which come from the works and can be a light-green. brownish or a gray coloring material. It contains a harmful mind-altering chemical called THC besides known as Tetrahydrocannabinol which can hold many inauspicious effects on the user’s variety meats but it besides contains more than four hundred other chemicals.

The sum of THC in the drug determines how strong the effects will be whilst other factors such as the works itself. the dirt and the clip of harvest find the strength of the marihuana. The sum of THC has been on the addition since the 1970’s and this poses more wellness jobs for the user since there is an addition in the physical and mental effects the marihuana causes. Herbal hemp that is imported into Europe may arise from South East Asia. The Caribbean or West Africa but normally the rosin comes from either Afghanistan or North Africa. In Malta. the rosin chiefly comes from Morocco whilst herb tea hemp is by and large grown locally.

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The Use and Abuse of the Drug

The usage of marihuanas can be explained through a figure of grounds. Adolescents might get down utilizing and smoking marihuana from a stamp age because they see others utilizing it and are influenced to get down utilizing it every bit good. Others might be encouraged by their friends to utilize marihuanas so they could be ‘’included’’ in the group. Researchers found that the most usage of this drug begins in ulterior teens and early mid-twentiess whilst it declines in the ulterior old ages. Marijuana could function as a redress for some teens to get away from jobs at place or school which may look a large load for them whilst for some others it may be cool to experiment and seek it out merely because they are influenced by the media or merely because they hear vocals about it! One may inquire how marihuana is used. Users normally roll some loose marihuanas into a coffin nail which is chiefly known as “joint” or “nail” . It has a varied THC content between 5 and 150 mgs whilst it contains circular 0. 5 and 1 gm of hemp works affair.

Marijuana can besides be smoked in a pipe which can be referred to as a bong. Other marijuana users may utilize another method which consists of sliting open a cigar and replacing the baccy with marihuana. Marijuana cigarettes which may incorporate other substances such as cleft cocaine. Some may even make up one’s mind to utilize marihuana to brew tea or even blend it into nutrients! Marijuana fume is associated with “a Sweet and rancid smell. ” When it is smoked. the drug enters into the blood stream and so distribute all over the organic structure whilst when it reaches the encephalon ; it attacks the receptors which influence idea. concentration. memory. pleasance. motions. clip and centripetal perceptual experience. Harmonizing to the British Lung Foundation. smoke merely three articulations of marihuana a twenty-four hours causes the same lung harm as 20 coffin nails since Cannabis tobacco users tend to whiff and inhale longer and deeper. ensuing in increased pitch and monoxide degrees in the organic structure. The manner marihuana affects a individual does non depend on merely one factor but instead on several issues such as if this is the user’s first clip experience. how much THC it contains. how it is taken and whether it is being assorted with any other illicit drugs or intoxicant.

While some people may experience nil while they smoke marihuanas. others may experience high or relaxed as good some are likely to see dry oral cavity after merely a few proceedingss accompanied with rapid pulse. decelerate reaction clip every bit good as poisoning. One of the chief variety meats which are affected by marihuana is the encephalon. From mental surveies conducted. research workers discovered that after chronic exposure to THC. learned behavior which depend on the hippocampus which refers to the portion of the encephalon that is important for larning and for the integrating of centripetal experiences with emotions and motive. merely deteriorate. Findingss from animate being surveies showed that exposure to THC “damages and destroys nervus cells and causes other pathological alterations in the hippocampus. ” Marijuana besides affects the user’s respiratory system. Those who smoke it on a regular basis develop chiefly the same jobs that tobacco tobacco users do. Some of the symptoms include frequent thorax colds and a day-to-day cough.

Continuance usage of marihuanas can take to injured or destroyed lung tissue every bit good as “abnormal operation of the lungs and air passages. ” Traces of THC can be found in users several yearss after a smoke session whilst in heavy users. THC can be traced up till several hebdomads after they stopped utilizing the drug. When immature people use marihuanas over long periods of clip they become quite dull and slow moving and the term “burnout” was coined by marijuana tobacco users themselves to depict the drawn-out consequence. When a more powerful assortment of marihuana is used. users may endure bad reactions such as have sudden feelings of anxiousness and even have paranoid ideas. Marijuana can duplicate the normal bosom rate and may even raise the blood force per unit area somewhat but this consequence is enhanced when the marihuana is assorted with other illicit drugs. Using Marijuana can finally take to wellness. acquisition. safety and societal jobs every bit good as uninterrupted maltreatment of other drugs. Nowadays marihuana is more habit-forming than it used to be. hence increasing the jobs of users acquiring addicted. Marijuana poisoning cause several jobs some of which include troubles in thought and job resolution every bit good as doing deformed perceptual experiences and impaired coordination. Prenatal exposure to this drug is normally linked with impaired verbal logical thinking and memory in pre-school kids.

The Legal Aspect of the usage of the Drug

Although some people are in favor of holding marihuanas legalized for medical grounds. there is still an ongoing argument whether marihuana should be legalized or non. Some may reason since marihuana can alleviate sickness in people who are enduring from malignant neoplastic disease and assist those patients enduring from AIDS to recover their appetency. The U. S Food and Drug Administration approved Marinol- pills that really contain THC which is widely available through prescription. Presently there is non adequate existent day of the month that determine whether taking the pill is more damaging than really smoking marijuana even though it was found that the pill relieved “the sickness and emesis associated with chemotherapy for malignant neoplastic disease patients” and “assist [ erectile dysfunction ] with loss of appetency with AIDS patients. ”

In the early 1980’s. the National Cancer Institute approached the DEA about the survey of the ingredient TCH which helped in alleviated sickness and emesis. As a consequence. the DEA helped to ease the research and enrollment for the survey. The DEA has registered seven research enterprises that are assisting in researching the effects of smoke-cured marihuana as medical specialty but so far there isn’t plenty sufficient informations to reason that smoke-cured marihuana is really better than Marinol!

Every province has its ain Torahs about ownership. growing. distribution and the sale of marihuanas. Usually punishments vary depending on the province but the common punishments involve mulcts or gaol for those who are caught utilizing marihuana or even administering it. Users may stop up with a condemnable record therefore taking them to unemployment. In Malta. the ownership and usage of marihuana is illegal and importing of the drug even if for personal usage. can take to a maximal prison sentence of six months.

The Socio-Psychological Explanation of its Use

Research workers are still analyzing marihuana and the effects it causes on the human organic structure every bit good as pervert behaviours it may take to. Apart from the long-run and short-run effects there might be a nexus between marihuanas and other drug usage since marihuana users “are eight times more likely to hold used cocaine. 15 times more likely to hold used heroine. and five times more likely to develop a demand for intervention for substance maltreatment. ” Users who often make usage of marihuanas can acquire habit-forming as one can acquire habit-forming to cigarette and to give it up its like giving up nicotine. In fact those who try to give up utilizing marihuanas will see backdown symptoms and must non handle themselves since halting drug usage without any aid or supervising may do crossness. low tempers and ongoing anxiousness. Marijuana dependence can do inauspicious effects whether it is taken on a insouciant or frequent footing where they cause hard societal state of affairss in which the user might see trouble in groking address and understanding state of affairss or get down sing hallucinations.

There is no grounds that marihuana is the cause of psychological harm or mental unwellness in adolescents or in grownups although some users experience psychological hurt including feeling of terror and paranoia. Some behavior which are associated with marihuanas include walking about as if in a shock accompanied by deficiency of emotion. gazing out at void or explosion into tantrums of laughter when there is really nil to express joy approximately or being really hungry! The user may get down forbearing from face to confront conversations and since there will be a deficiency of motive to see any other individual apart those who he/she fumes marihuanas with. friendly relationships are threatened and may take the user losing friends. Besides at work or at school holding no motive at all can ensue in bad public presentation taking to even expiration.

Punishment/Treatment and Prevention Aspects

In Malta. it is purely illegal to convey or export from Malta any rosin obtained from the works Cannabis. If a individual is caught holding marihuana in his ownership. produces or sells or trade in the rosin he/she will be guilty of an offense and brought to tribunal. “There is no charming slug for forestalling adolescent drug usage. ” Parents could be influential by discoursing with their kids about utilizing drugs such as marihuana and taking involvement in what their kids do. Patients that are dependent on marihuanas are normally referred to substance maltreatment intervention plans which are designed to avoid backsliding. Withdrawal symptoms are normally mild and do non necessitate drug therapy but if there are any acute panic reactions and flashback they are normally managed with supportive therapy. Some symptoms may include choler. crossness. loss of appetency and cravings. Some suggestions to assist defying cravings include taking a walk every twenty-four hours. avoiding people who use marihuanas and possibly listen to music so that you take you mind off the marihuana.

One manner how to implement marijuana bar is by understanding how users are deriving entree chiefly through their friends. It is of import for parents to cognize with who their kids are hanging with. Another manner is by maintaining the computing machine in a public country where you can maintain an oculus on what your kids are making. Another factor which is a must is Education. This must be most targeted to adolescents who are interested in experimenting new things. Parents must speak with their kids and explain to them that marihuana is illegal. They must besides indicate out that is much stronger than it was before and state them the effects and the effects that marijuana brings with it. The Key to SUCCESSFUL PREVENTION is two words long: Be Involved!


Decision: No affair how many shirts and caps you see printed with the marihuana foliage. or how many groups sing about it. retrieve this: You don’t have to utilize marihuana merely because you think everybody else is making it. Most adolescents do non utilize marihuana! ]


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