Drug this issue. Maldives is a small

Drug abuse,
otherwise known as addiction to substance is a chronic, often relapsing brain
disease that causes continuous use of illegal drugs despite the harm it causes
the user and people around the user. Drug abuse has become a big issue all over
the globe. The most developed and biggest countries are also fighting against
this issue. Maldives is a small country located in Indian Ocean, fairly well
develop for a small country. A country fighting nonstop to save its youth and
people from illegal drugs and abusing of the drugs. Unfortunate for the small
and exotic country, it is located near the golden triangle or golden crescent
which is responsible for the production of a large number of illegal drugs used
worldwide. Illegal drugs has been penetrating Maldivians specially its youth
for many years, according to the National Drug Intelligence Center the
beginning of drug abuse date back all the way to the early 1970’s. Drug abuse
has become the biggest obstacle in social development. There are numerous
causes which caused the issue to rise in Maldives.

    Firstly, the location of Maldives can be
identified as the biggest reason why the country is so badly trapped in this
issue. Smuggling of narcotics is easier comparing to other countries. The
customs department of Maldives work very hard to bring a stop to the smuggling
but the smugglers always find a way in somehow. Corruption inside the system is
one of the main reason why smugglers succeed. An investigation carried out in
2009 resulting 4 big busts, people arrested included 3 customs personals and 6
police officers. Youth of the country brings out most of the addicts, another
factor that escalates drug abuse in Maldives as 60 percent of the country’s
population is the youth. According to NDUS almost 73% of drug abusers in the
capital city and other atolls are young whose median age is in between 21 and
25. Using and abuse of drugs in Maldives is also fuelled by poor employment and
boredom among the youth. Poor employment results in young people with
unfulfilled desires. They are unable to fulfill them due to lack of money.
Smugglers and gangs in Maldives use these youngsters. They manipulate their
thoughts into selling and delivery of drugs in exchange of money. Once involved
in the process one cannot stay without using the drugs. In addition, social
acceptance one more reason why youth get involved with drugs. In the present
days people who use, sell or smuggle drugs are considered “cool” in the
society. They are considered as popular, dangerous and feared people.
Youngsters who pursue the dream of a famous and rich life gets attracted to the
smuggling and use of drugs. Furthermore, peer pressure is also a main reason
why abuse of drugs is common in Maldives. Friend who are addicted suggest the
people who don’t use drugs to use them until some point. After that they are
forced to use them or the consequences can be criticism among friends or being
bullied by them. There are a lot of deadly and depressing consequences the Maldivian
society is facing due to drug abuse.

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   Number of deadly accidents are increasing
annually, one of the main reason is drug abuse. Not only are the people who use
drugs but innocent civilians are also included in the annual report due to
careless and inhuman acts of drug abusers and gangs. Civilians are killed due
to a misunderstanding of looks, for being part of a drug dealers or another
gang member’s family. On 2017 captain Anas was stabbed to death by a group of
six people in a motorcycle service center. After the investigations the cause
for his death was told a misunderstanding. He was wearing the same type and
color of shirt as the gang member the group was looking for. A family lost
their son, a soon to be bride lost her fiancé, three sisters who depended on
his salary lost their brother. All because of a mere misunderstanding. Another
factor that rises the death rate is due to negligence of people in positions
where minor carelessness can give catastrophic results. Sometimes people in
these positions are under the influence of drugs and due to this hundreds of
innocent lives are lost. Other factors like needle borne illnesses also rise
the death rate due to drug abuse. Another deadly consequence the society of
Maldives is facing due to drug abuse is gang related violence. As we all know
gang development and formation in Maldives is a very common thing. In an island
where the population merely reaches a hundred thousand, there are six to seven
gangs in that island. Almost all of the gangs depend on the narcotics business
for their income to run the gangs. Resulting in a lot of violence among the
gangs for market, due to crossing each other’s business areas otherwise known
as turf and unsettled debts among gang members or among dealers and people who
buy them. According to Maldives Police Media in August 2017 three young people
were killed on one day due to a drug related issue among them. Most brutally
killed was Nadheem Abdul Rahman, he was attacked while he was enjoying a cup of
coffee in a café, stabbed 23 times and left inside the café with a knife stuck
to his throat. Drastic drops in economy and alarmingly rising number of
immigrants, a depressing consequence Maldives is forced to face due to drug
abuse. There are some other factors which cause this issue but we will look in
to the connection between drug abuse and this consequence. 73 percent of drug
addicts include youngsters. Among them are very talented and skillful ones, but
sadly no company or office or private institutes are willing to give them jobs.
They have no other choice but to bring in workers from all over the globe, the
immigrant workers are brought in for handsome salaries. Results are drastic
drops in economy,  the part of the
country’s capital used to pay the workers their salaries does not roll inside
the country, the immigrants send them abroad to their families. These deadly
rather depressing consequences can be brought to an end. With a lot of hard
work drug abuse in Maldives can meet its end, only if the government and the
society are willing to put in an effort.

   Even a rock can be molded into beautiful
shapes with love and care. The same principle can be used to reduce the number
of drug abusers in Maldives, in the form of rehabilitation and treatment. The
people who depend on narcotics need evidence-based treatments. It serves a
preventive measure as the treatment reduces the number of peers. People who use
drugs in Maldives are considered dangerous and criminals, and they are for
reasons. But one thing the society should understand is not every person has
the same story behind them starting to use drugs. Most of the young people are
victims. Once their family or the society discriminates and leave them alone
their depression levels increase, resulting in increase of drug use. Government
should increase the number of rehabilitation centers. They should plan programs
for the drug abusers and offer them the second chance. As the numbers show the
people who are mostly affected are the youth. To prevent this the government
should conduct awareness programs through the school. Making the parents aware
is also an important factor. Parents should be curious enough to analyze the
activities and should be well aware of their friendship circle. Furthermore,
policies should be introduced which emphasize prevention over imprisonment. The
approach of the police should change. The laws should be merciless for
suppliers and victims should be provided with treatment. According to the
National Survey of Use of Drugs, the significant proportion of the addicts
included in the study had experienced of being jailed, but lesser numbers who
have accessed rehabilitation services. The government until recently seems to
have depended on criminal justice system to combat the issue. In Maldives, the
Government having realized the need of treatment and rehabilitation measures
took right initiative by enacting the Drug Act 17/2011 which can be declared a
landmark that talks of treatment.

abuse in Maldives has been a depressing matter for a lot of years. A lot of
reasons like its geographical placement plays roles in maintaining the social
issue. A lot of sad accidents has happened due to this issue. The society of
Maldives are facing serious consequences due to the issue. Many essays
researches have been done on this issue, but it’s not the researches and essays
that will bring an end to this issue. It’s the unity of the people and tendency
of the society to work with the government to bring a stop to this. May he the
almighty show success in our work and bless Maldives


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