Drug awareness seminar held at STC Sample Essay

THE Filipino Drug Enforcement Agency ( PDEA ) conducted a drug consciousness talk last Aug. 27 at the St. Theresa’s College ( STC ) auditorium along General Maxillom Avenue in Cebu City. Alan Trani. human resource officer of STC. organized the seminar with PDEA functionaries Ramon Montenegro and Nicholas Gomez as the resource talkers. Gomez said “milkshake” is the “in thing” among the drug users today. Milkshake is a mixture of Nubain. a regulated drug. and methamphetamine that will be injected by the drug users into their organic structure. “There are already instances of persons who died from milk shake. ” Gomez said.

The “new signifier of drug” is considered deadly as its users will allegedly see enhanced watchfulness and energy for four to five yearss and loss of appetency. Montenegro cited the deficiency of forces as among the grounds why PDEA had trouble in work outing the drug maltreatment jobs. He said the bureau merely has 999 forces scattered in 17 regional offices countrywide. Besides discussed was the increasing figure of drug users every twelvemonth. In 1999. there were 2. 000 drug users reported. The figure went up to 2. 4 million during the 2002-2004 periods. It reached 6. 4 million from 2006 up to the present. Another subject presented was the consequence of utilizing prohibited drugs among the young person. composed largely of college pupils.

Maria Rizza Labao. an Education pupil said. “I am disturbed and affected because I have friends who are drug users. And because of that. I have to cover with them. Besides I feel non secured because they might make bad things. The seminar is a large impact for me. ” Johanna Marie Esguerra. a Mass Communication pupil and president of the STC College Student Council said: “The significance of the talk was for the pupils to go cognizant of the forbidden drugs. At least we now know which drugs are prohibited. ”

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“The activity aimed to beef up their run against drug maltreatment. ” said Patricia Andrea Patena. pupil and president of Theresian Communicators Organization. /STC Masscom pupil Mariah Lowe Angeli G. Pinilis


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