Dorothy Wordsworth and Emily Dickinson are well-known women writers Essay

Dorothy Wordsworth and Emily Dickinson are well-known women writers. Wordsworth is British and her popularity rests in her journals and letters while Dickinson is a major American poet. Both lived in almost the same period in history, although Wordsworth was born about 30 years ahead of Dickinson. The writings of both women catapulted them to literary fame posthumously. Dickinson’s poetry was discovered and published after her death although her genius only came to be recognized late into the 20th century. Wordsworth, meanwhile, is only being recognized in recent decades, alongside the reevaluations of the role of women in literature.

The personal lives of the two writers could be described as completely different. Dorothy Wordsworth was born in poverty in 1771. She and her brother, the famous poet William Wordsworth, were orphaned at a young age and lived with relatives for most of their young lives. She wrote poetry, stories and kept a diary but never ambitioned to become a writer like her brother. She did not marry and grew old in the countryside living with her brother and his wife, in the company of other writer friends.

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Emily Dickinson, on the other hand, was born and raised in a well-off family who lived in a mansion in Main Street in Amherst, Massachusetts. She had a good education since her father sent her to good schools. While she lived in the city, she preferred to be alone and was reclusive especially during the latter years of her life. She married but was never happy. She was sociable only in that she constantly wrote letters and notes to everyone and sent gifts. Dickinson was a prolific poet and wrote almost two thousand poems; however, only very few were published in her lifetime and probably without her knowledge, too.


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