Domestic Violence On Ray Rice Essay

For I would believe that Ray Rice was waiting for the lift as it opens. a adult female shoots past me with calls. clear fresh opened cicatrixs on the face. I see an angry Ray Rice out of the lift. I would respectfully inquire him about the state of affairs with the adult female. The first idea in my caput is domestic force. I wouldn’t of reported it right away in his face. but I surely would oppugn him. After I get the reply I will seek out for the victim. name the local constabulary and place the adult male known as beam rice after corroborating watching the tape. The social impact would be enormous. NFL ace in a domestic force instance. The NFL should hold an uprise on it’s domestic force policy. it should non take a really in writing picture to acquire the NFL to make the right thing. For excessively long in the NFL has had this signifier of playbook when it comes to participants who commit domestic force. For I would believe that Ray Rice likely merely lost his pique. as I saw it in his face. I besides saw a signifier of compunction at the imperativeness conference when he apologized.

Make it truly take a two game prohibition. suspension. and a release to experience some type of compunction? I don’t wholly agree. I think. I believe it was merely a instance of losing someone’s psyche. Ray Rice snapped. In the 1990s. NFL participants were charged with domestic force more frequently than with any other offense. Yet once more. the NFL took no action. and if participants were cut by one squad after being arrested. they were frequently rapidly picked up by another. Some of these instances involved allegations. I’m sure the NFL has suspended indefinitely participants who has a more barbarous picture tape of grounds. The NFL is in desire demand of male leading when it comes to violence against adult females. In the aftermath of the Rice video’s release. the proprietor of the Corvus coraxs sent a missive to stakeholders that outlined errors. apologized and promised a better response in the hereafter. In this society. we have to open our eyes think affect of long-run. in this instance. domestic force because we can non allow these state of affairss get over hyped and out of control of the state of affairs and the persons involved every bit good.

The short-run attending and ne’er impede the long-run consequence on this society on how it viewpoints an organisation. Ray Rice can utilize this experience to assist him as a spokesman for domestic force instances when this state of affairs goes down. Ray Rice was speaking at the imperativeness conference about how he allow his ma. married woman. girl. wife’s parents and teammates down. It was a large error for conflicting his choler on his married woman on that dark. He wanted to acquire some aid on his actions. I think that he could of believe first before he react to it. I think his fiancee shouldn’t maintain on arousing him and believing that he wouldn’t make anything to her. In this state of affairs. it should of hold stopped from the get downing where they got into a immense statement. When you get into an statement. it can take to another whole degree. The lone thing he can make right now is to repair himself together and recognize how he took his fury on something where he could of state his fiancee to reduce down and let’s work it out someway. The jurisprudence in this society is. make non set your custodies on a adult female.

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Because work forces are stronger than a adult female. And there’s no ground to set your custodies on a adult female. When Ray Rice finished crushing his fiancee up. the lift opens and you can see he drag his fiancee out of the lift. left her there and didn’t fuss transporting her out of the lift. So of class. when he went to tribunal the justice will believe he didn’t truly care about her at all. Ray Rice didn’t acknowledge the fact that his manner was rummy and she needed to chill down for a Sec. They should of taking this state of affairs where they can work out it another manner. so traveling to tribunal. traveling to acclaim or even acquire suspended from the NFL. For each of the state of affairs. I think they could set Ray and his fiancee in a rehab or an anger direction centre so that it can assist them out throughout the procedure. If you can state how the justice and the NFL have taken it excessively far from the state of affairs. Alternatively of him traveling to imprison. he could’ve been on probation and learn from his errors.

The NFL and the teammates can assist him to carry through his ends by speaking to him. explicating how to non set your custodies on any type of adult females. concentrate on his choler so that he can command it. Mange throughout the whole twelvemonth without any domestic force. Now he needs to larn that one twenty-four hours his girl will happen out the truth about how her female parent and male parent got into an statement and it lead into a serious thing. She will believe that her male parent and female parent could of done something different to work out this issue. She might be scared of her male parent because of what he has done to his fiancee from the yesteryear.

Work force shouldn’t put their custodies on a adult female and a adult females should set their custodies on a adult male. The whole intent of this incident was to take control on everything. It doesn’t matter how huffy you get or how bad the individual you love gets you steaming hot. There shouldn’t be any domestic force at all. When you notice that there’s any force about. have you think that it will impact the other portion in society as in small childs and at school. Society needs to understand on what should be done with domestic force. What need to take attention of so that society can be a better topographic point.


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