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Does Music Have an Effect on Plant Growth, if so, do Different Genres of Music Affect it Differently?For my project, I am going to test the effects of music on plants. I will have four groups of plants with four plants in each. I will play different genres of music to three groups of plants. The music genres will be classical, punk rock and country. The last group will be the control which will get no music. I started the experiment at the beginning of the year because I knew it would take a longer time than other experiments and I chose morning glories to plant because it is a fast growing plant. I will play music to the flowers an hour a day in a place where the other plants can’t hear the music, that way it doesn’t affect their growing. After playing music to them, I will water and measure them. I will then record the measurements of each plant and find the average of the group. I will also record that I have watered and played music to them. I believe that country music will make the plants grow fastest.DOES THE GROWTH OF PLANTS GET AFFECTED BY MUSIC?Do plants really get affected by music? Yes, it does. “In fact, numerous studies have indicated that playing music for plants really does promote faster, healthier growth.”(Mary) I wondered if volume affects plant growth. I couldn’t find anything that says yes or no so I wondered what music was. I came up with music is sound waves in the air that make vibrations and the higher the volume, the more vibrations there are. I also wondered if the length of time music is played to plants if it affected plant growth. Again I couldn’t find anything that regards how long music is played in other people’s experiments. Since I only play music to the plants one hour a day and they’re different from the control, I figured playing music to them longer would affect them more. When I was researching, I found some sources where they said music does not affect plant growth, but where they said that their caretakers take better care of them.(UCSB) I also found some sources saying that music does affect plant growth. The sources where it says that the caretakers take better care of the plants who are listening to music only list one reason why music doesn’t affect plant growth. Still, that one reason doesn’t apply to every caretaker, just some and the plants that are treated the same are different than the plants who didn’t listen to music. CONCLUSIONI will be testing the effects of music on plants using three different genres, classical, punk rock and country, and measuring their length. I will play music for one hour each for all the groups except control. Music does really affect plant growth and is actually just sound waves in the air creating vibrations. The louder the volume, the more vibrations. Also if I play the music for a longer time it will most likely affect the plant growth more. Some sources say music doesn’t affect plant growth and others say it does. I hope to find that music does affect plant growth so if I need to grow a plant really fast at some point, I know how to make it grow faster than just no music.


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