Dna year Essay

This year is the 60th anniversary of the discovery of the double helix of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA)( The Francis Crick Papers). This discovery has changed the world forever. According to Your Dictionary, DNA functions to supply the information that is necessary for cells to reproduce. The discovery of DNA has influenced many advancements in the last 60 years; including explaining how people inherit their characteristics, developments with the medical world, and cloning. This world would be a different place without DNA. What would science class be without DNA?

To begin with, without knowing about DNA people would be clueless about where they get their characteristics from. The discovery of DNA solved the mystery of where people get their characteristics from. DNA stores all the necessary information in the construction of the cells in the human body. This information which creates cells is found in the component of DNA called genes (Your Dictionary). The DNA of the cell controls the chemical process in the cell. This process is where most of the characteristics come from. The double helix is where all the information s held.

For humans each person has two copies of each gene, one from each parent. The double helix of DNA is where people’s characteristics come from. So we have learned a lot about human genetics and individual characteristics with the discovery of the double helix of DNA. Secondly, the discovery of DNA has helped the medical world in very important ways. DNA has allowed doctors to predict medical issues with his or her patients. Without the discovery of DNA people would have never known about how you can inherit certain diseases.

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DNA has also made it easier to detect some diseases in the human body, including breast cancer, Cystic fibrosis, and Huntington disease. DNA has helped the medicine world come up with more productive and specialized medicines. DNA has allowed medicine to be modified to one person’s standards. This can allow the person to get a better effect out of the medicine to let him or her get well. DNA has also contributed to making many new medicines for diseases unable to be treated yet. Without the discovery of the double helix of DNA the medicine world would be a lot weaker. DNA is an important part of he medicine world.

Lastly, the double helix has helped the scientist clone for the first time. Cloning or in other words DNA sequencing has been on people’s minds since the very beginning. This process is done by taking a cell out of the organism then copying the DNA from that cell. DNA cloning refers to the process that produces multiple copies of DNA fragments. This form of biotechnology is used in forensics, studies in cancer cells and viruses, and various other biological studies (Ha, E. , 2009). Some of the species that have been cloned include tadpoles, mice, sheep, monkeys, ND cats.

The discovery of DNA has made cloning possible. James Watson and Francis Crick discovery of the double helix of DNA was one of the most important discoveries in history. Many things would be different without this discovery. In one case many people wouldn’t live as long without the medical discoveries DNA contributed to. DNA has taught us how we inherit our characteristics, DNA has helped our medical world, and DNA has made cloning possible. This discovery could be considered the most important discovery ever. DNA has helped so many people Bibliography Ha, Edward.


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