DIVERSITYDiversity involves multiple minds working on the

DIVERSITYDiversity is important in the context of design thinking because it it ‘involves observation to discover unmet needs within the context and constraints of a particular situation’. (Work, 2017) In other words, having a diverse group enables multiple thought processes and perspectives. And by having a diverse team only will ‘the creation of knowledge and the discovery of insight by groups appears to depend on the presence of diverse viewpoints and perspectives about the task.’ (Jehn, Northcraft and Neale, 1999)Having a diverse perspective and different working styles could result in better productivity, outcomes and solutions, as it involves multiple minds working on the same problem, but being able to see it from all sides. This gives a higher chance for ‘the discovery of insights’.Looking back on the statistics from Women in the Workplace, the issue is not that companies are not aware of diversity. It is that they are not aware of how to be inclusive of the diversity that they currently have!According to study of “Why differences make a difference” by Jehn, Northcraft and Neale, diversity is divided into 3 categories, informational diversity, social category diversity, and value diversity.In this study, it states that collaborating and working in groups are important for ‘identifying high-quality solutions to emerging organizational problems’. (Dumaine, 1991 cited in Jehn, Northcraft and Neale, 1999). However, while these groups are central to organizations, they present their own problems of coordination, motivation, and conflict in management, especially when the work force becomes increasingly diverse in a number of dimensions such as age, gender, ethnicity and so forth. (Gladstein, 1984 cited in Jehn, 1995).Because of the wide spread of diversity research, I have decided to focus my attention predominantly on workplace diversity, and looking at the social category diversity in particular and how it affects our view and attention to diversity in the workplace.


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