Discussion of copyright laws as well as

Discussion and ConclusionBook piracy flourish on poverty and dishonesty.Those who believe on book piracy they seem that they can get the same content with the low cost. Why they expense more money to buy original books.It is crime. It destroy the creativity and economical benefits of the authors.It makes publishing unproductive and unattractive. This has a long term destructive effect on qualitative education. All stakeholders must be stopping this threat through strategies ranging from the reduction of the price of legitimate books, awareness and enforcement of copyright laws as well as introduction of security printing devices to deter and detect piracy. Book piracy is a crime against new generation, it should be eliminated. It has flooded the market with low quality books and should be laid on the enlightenment of the general public on the elimination of piracy. Govt has lost huge amount of money because of piracy and should take strength steps to stop this.Because of this society will face lack of creativeness, doing work and laziness will grow up.Recommendations:On the basis of findings the recommendations will be:The bangladesh copyright Commission should take step of copyright issue. This is necessary to take steps by law and order, or authors will be dishonoured. And the ethical questions will be grow up. But when its a question of academic learning law and order should be quite easier or huge number of students in bangladesh can’t finish up their study.Members of academia should encourage the publishers to publish original books rather than hand notes and slidesGovernments should set the rules and update their order about piracy on behalf of bangladesh. The researcher view on this perspective bad element for this society should remove and dragging the good establishment. Textbooks of bangladesh should be seen as essential social services to feed the mind and so books should be given the same sort of attention as drugs. Govt should aware about development of the book industry. When removed all the materials and machines of pirating books and the security will high about cost of the books will be the major fact to reduces piracy.There is a need for the bangladesh police to take this issue seriously and make a team of anti-piracy police force. Public should also aware about this and this will help to find out the pirate publishers.In addition the bangladeshi publishers association should seek ways of achieving the more viability in the book industry. As the piracy is a trend people should not carry out their illegal acts and rescue from this crime.    


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