Discuss in detail how you would play either Peter or Willie in Scene 2 of Blue Remembered Hills Essay

Scene 6 of “Blue Remembered Hills” starts off with Peter and Willie talking about matches leading on to a character named Wilson “peeing” in a gorse bush and both of them have a laughing fit over the topic. They then talk about Peter being the “Number Two” after Wallace. Willie then tells Peter that he has to go to Donald’s house, perhaps to play football. Peter then makes fun of Donald and how his mum treats Donald and that he is scared of his mum.

They then talk about jam jars and about collecting them to make money, but Peter says it’s a waste of time but he catches Willie being a bit shifty about how Donald got his Jars so he tries to bribe him to tell him about it with comics. Just then, something else grabs their attention. If I was playing as Peter, I would say the line, “Can’t you… matches? ” in a pretty commanding voice and with my hands, I would mime striking a match with a grin on my face. Then I would act as if I am lighting a gorse bush as I’m saying the line “Set fire to a gorse bush” and I would stick my tongue out in excitement as I set fire to my imaginary gorse bush.

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When I say that line, I would have been sitting on the ground, legs far apart and my “imaginary gorse bush” would be in-between my legs. Peter would do a thing like this mainly to attract attention to himself. When Willie tells me that “Mrs Baker caught Wallace Wilson peeing in a gorse bush”, I would stop my imaginary scene of setting fire to a gorse bush and stare at Willie, completely freezing and I would have a very ecstatic expression on my face and I maintain that expression as I say my next line and I would say that line, “Her didn’t did her? in a very high, and excited whisper.

I would shake my head as I say that mind and I do that pretty absentmindedly. I would also tuck my legs in, as if I would be listening to a story and shuffle towards Willie, hugging my knees. When Willie replies I will laugh nervously at first, as if I am scared that some one might over hear and tell Wallace and then I will laugh pretty uncontrollably and my hands will be off my knees and on to my face and will say the next line in between my laughter.

When Willie says the line “Him said as him thought the gorse was on fire and -” I will stretch out my legs and fall back with laughter and start to roll over and when Willie says his next line, I would start to slap the ground, as if its too much for me to take and I will gasp for breath as I laugh hysterically. I will do this for around 10 seconds and then will try to stop it by sitting up but will still carry on for further 5 seconds and through out the whole thing, I would look at Willie now and again.

When I say my next line, “Wallace can … him that” I will have a serious look on my face, as if I’m telling a very important point and will sit cross legged facing Willie. I would say I in a very serious but an excited tone at the same time and I would have my hands on the grass next to me and will play with the small twigs on the ground. I would tell this point as if it’s the matter of the fact and will look at look at Willie’s face to see if he agrees with me. When Willie says that’s Wallace has “a lot of belly”.

I will agree with him by nodding vigorously and will look at Willie’s belly to compare their bellies in my mind. I would carry on playing with the grass as Willie says his line but when I say my line about Wilson’s “punch”, I will stop my playing about with the grass and will throw a punch in the air, which will lightly touch Willie. I won’t even look as if I am sorry and would expect Willie not to be a baby and cry about it and will start picking my nose. When Willie says the line “made your tith rattle didn’t he Peter?

I will stop picking my nose and my expression would change from one of a pretty pleasant one to a one of mean, and a stung expression. I will then say my next line in a very fierce tone to remind Willie who the boss is and will point and wiggle my finger at Willie in a fierce way. I will also stand up and will tower over him. When Willie tells me that he is going to Donald’s house, I will change my expression to one of a sly, and a mean expression, with an evil grin on my face. I will say the line in a jeering tone to take make fun of Willie and to make him try to change his mind about going to his house.

I will walk around Willie as if I am interrogating him and when I say the line about Donald being a sissy, I will stop circling Willie and will put emphasis n the word sissy and I will probably spray Willie with spit because of the amount of force I put down on the word. I will screw my face up as if I am disgusted by how much of a sissy Donald is and I will then scratch my arm as I say the line “Him’s scared of everything” and I will prolong the everything into something like “eeevverrryyythiinngg” and I will turn my head in a circle as I say that word.

When Willie says he will go and “call on Donald Duck”, I will stop and turn around and face him (we would be walking through the woods) and I would have a look on my face as if Willie is weird to go Donald’s house when he could be with me and I’ll will then say my line about how it is a “waste of time” and that they be all bloody gone” and I would say this in a matter of fact tone. I would do this because I would not want Willie to prefer Donald to me and I would be prepared to use any means necessary to do this.


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