Discuss in detail how you would play either Audrey or Angela in Scene 8 of Blue Remembered Hills Essay

Blue Remembered hills was a play written by Dennis Potter, originally for the T.V. It was designed to be played by adult actors but they were supposed to act like 8 year old kids. In scene 8 of Blue Remembered Hills, I will be discussing in detail how I would play the part of Angela. I have chosen to to discuss how I would play the part of Angela in this essay because I am really intrigued by Angela’s unique personality,

Firstly, I would not let Audrey touch my pram when we are walking through the “path” from the barn through the field towards the wood. This is because I get the feeling that Angela is a sort of person that wants to make other people jealous of her and make sure she is the centre of attraction. So therefore she would not let someone else touch her pram or push it along unless the person did something for her, as we find out near the end of the scene. Also as I push the pram, I would now and then look at Audrey to see for signs of jealousy and also have a grin on my face because I will be enjoying the feelings of Audrey.

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When Audrey is speaking at the beginning of the scene; “…and her wouldn’t…I said” I would have a very concentrated face and I would achieve this by frowning slightly and looking directly at Audrey and occasionally nodding. I would absent-mindedly push the pram to show that I am concentrating on Audrey so therefore, I would not pay that much attention in pushing the pram.

When I say my first line in the scene, “No her’s sly, Aud.” I will say it by leaning towards Audrey and taking one hand off my pram and putting it on her shoulder as I say “her’s sly, Aud” and I would do these actions because I would want to make it clear to Audrey that I also don’t like Betty. As I finish my line I would put the hand back on my pram and carry on pushing. When Audrey says “you’re my best friend, Angela” I will have a sly grin on my face and I will narrow my eyes slightly and cast a sneaky look towards Audrey, as if I am really proud of it and will lift my head up as I say “Yes” and I would say “Yes” in a chuffed voice and I would achieve this by having a small dignified laugh before I say “Yes”.

When Audrey says “Am I…as well?” I will stop pushing the pram and take away my hands from the handle and say my line and expand my arms in time to “lots and lots”. Angela would do this because she likes to show off and be more superior to others and she wouldn’t miss a chance to brag about anything. As soon I finish the line, I will stoop over and pick up “Dinah” and will rock it as if she is crying. When Audrey says “oooh. Hark who’s talking”, I would have the very same sly grin on my face I had earlier (Para four, near the end of the para)

When I say my next line, I will put emphasis on the phrase “especially the boys” by slowing down and stressing the the phrase. I will also have a sneaky snigger as ai say the line as if its something amazing. I will stop rocking “Dinah” as I say this line but as soon I finish it, I will resume rocking Dinah. I will stop rocking Dinah to show that I have something else important to talk about so therefore I forget about Dinah. This shows Angela’s personality – selfishness and being self centred.

When Audrey says, “Are you…friend?” I will again stop rocking Dinah and smile at Audrey as if it’s something very special. I will say my line in a excited whisper and when I say the phrase “with a ring and all” I will hold Dinah in one hand (left) and with my right I will shove my hand into Audrey’s face, showing where I would put my ring. When Audrey says “funny”, I will resume rocking Dinah as I say “Wos mean”. I would have a pretty gloomy face then as I would be annoyed with Audrey that she didn’t find me marrying Wallace as exciting as I did.

When Audrey says that Wallace was going to marry Hilary Jones, I will drop Dinah and have an immediate expression of shock for a couple of seconds. Then I will turn that expression into a mocking one as I say “Her’s too stuck up” as I don’t want to give Audrey any clue that I was upset as I would loose the “high status”. When Audrey then says “he don’t half like her, though” I will forget about everything else and smirk with Audrey. As I say my next line; “He can’t She’s got a big nose”, I will put on a silly face and point to my nose and flattening it with my fore finger so it looks bigger. I will then laugh hysterically at my own “joke” and I will then put Dinah back into the pram and start pushing it again.


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