Disadvantages, Advantages and Assumptions of the Positivist Sample Essay

“Positivists view the usage of scientific methods of research as desirable or preferred and are critical sociologists that use subjective or unobservable mental provinces. ” The rationalist methodological analysis came from the early sociologist. Auguste Comte. He maintained that the application of the methods and premises of the natural scientific disciplines of the “positive sciences” of society. From this rational came the renters of positivism or the positive position.

Some features of this type of methodological analysis are: –

·The development of society followed a set of Torahs. These Torahs were governed by rules of cause and consequence.

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·Human behavior. like the behavior of affair can be objectively measured.

·The behavior that is observed can therefore. be analyzed and examined in order to make theories.

Positivists besides prefer “correlation” as a cardinal method of analysing sociological research. This means that they preferred to look at societal facts before they made their premises. They believed that it is therefore possible for one phenomena to impact the actions of another.

The premises of interpretative methods in sociological research are:

·The trying size has to be smaller in order to let easier. more in-depth survey of the topics.

·Interviews are besides really much preferred among this methodological analysis because they allow a better apprehension of the actor’s nature ( ontology ) . It is flexible and can frequently be used to inquire people about their attitudes. etc.

·The usage of participant observation. and descriptive anthropology is critical for an interpretivist’s apprehension and analysis of the actions of a societal group.

·Symbolic interactionism comes into drama every bit good. Persons react harmonizing to symbols that are around them. These Acts of the Apostless are defined as societal Acts of the Apostless which are the consequences of subjective significances or reading and hence can non be objectively analyzed.

The chief disadvantage of the rationalist method of research is the fact that subjects being objectively studied may non be moving as they normally do. Hence. the research worker may roll up incorrect information. However. this can be an advantage because if the individual being studied doesn’t cognize he/she is being looked at. the research worker can roll up and supply really of import and dependable informations. Another advantage is the fact that a wider scope of informations is available to the research worker.

The interpretative method can be a disadvantage nevertheless because the sampling size is smaller. A really little sample can sometimes be really undependable because it is merely a really little part of a really big population. Not everything can be objectively measured. Participant observation and descriptive anthropology ( the survey of the manner of life ) are really of import to interpretative research. They can be utile because they assist the research worker in acquiring closer to the topics being studied without really being noticed. It works even better if the type of participant observation is covert. The research worker becomes an existent built-in portion of the survey.

In decision. it is apparent that all types of research and methodological analysiss may hold mistakes. which make them seem impossible. until you really look at the good in them.


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