Determining Conditions of Probation Sample Essay

Conditionss of probation and word are primary factors that have an consequence on an offender’s post-prison life. When finding conditions of probation and word. the offenders’ background plays a really of import portion of the finding. The history of the discourtesies that the wrongdoer committed is highly of import of finding the status of probation or word. Probation and parole conditions consist of drug/alcohol intervention. psychiatric evaluation/treatment. anger direction intervention. household reding. occupation training/employment aid. lodging aid. and intensive supervising. The conditions suggested will assist the wrongdoer to turn his or her life about for good. if the wrongdoer has the desire to make so but in some instances it does non be ( desire ) . Determining Conditionss of Probation

Case # 1- ( DWI ) -Stanley Gravas has a married woman and two kids. Recently he lost a 3rd kid ( boy ) due to a boating accident. The loss of the boy has sent the household in confusion. Mr. Gravas admits to that he was a societal drinker. but he started imbibing more when his boy died. Neither his household nor he has dealt with their heartache. Mr. Gravas worked 18 old ages for an insurance company. This was Mr. Gravas 2nd discourtesy of DWI. After reexamining the instance I determine the undermentioned conditions of probation for Mr. Stanley Gravas with a reappraisal in 90 yearss. 1. Drug/ Alcohol Treatment-He must go to drug and intoxicant intervention that include attending meetings on a regular basis. 2. Family Counseling-Along with his household he will go to household reding to assist with them with the harm Stanley’s imbibing cause to the household and besides to assist the household and Stanley with the heartache. Case # 2- ( Aggravated Assault ) -Gary Harrison came from a big household yet he was ne’er married. no kids. and he was a high school dropout. Mr. Harrison was mentally and physically mistreat by his male parent. Mr. Harrison was employed by his uncle. Mr. Harrison had mental heath jobs and abused drugs and intoxicant. He besides had anger direction issues. Mr. Harrison has two anterior strong beliefs for simple assault. I recommend the undermentioned conditions with 90 twenty-four hours reappraisal. 1. Drug/Alcohol Treatment

2. Psychiatric Evaluation /Treatment
3. Anger Management Counseling
4. Intensive Supervision ( high hazard wrongdoer )
Case # 3- Kenneth Stanfield ( Controlled Substances ) – Mr. Stanfield is non employed and is presently populating out of his auto. When Mr. Stanfield was arrested he tested positive for cocaine. Methedrine and marihuana. This is Mr. Stanfield 2nd apprehension for controlled substances. I recommend the undermentioned conditions with 90 twenty-four hours reappraisal. 1. Drug/Alcohol Treatment

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2. Job Training/ Employment Assistance
3. Housing Aid
90 Day Review
Case # 1 –Stanley Gravas- Mr. Gravas has made singular betterments of following the conditions of his probation. Mr. Gravas has been sober 60 yearss while go toing drug/alcohol intervention and AA meetings on a regular basis. The household guidance was a great benefit for Mr. Gravas and his household on covering with the loss of their household member ( boy ) . It seem as though Mr. Gravas is on the right path of remaining sober. The household guidance and the intoxicant intervention is working good for Mr. Gravas and his household. Case # 2- Gary Harrison- Mr. Harrison was in non-compliance of the conditions of his probation therefore the result of his 90 twenty-four hours reappraisal did non shown good consequences for the undermentioned grounds ; 1. Did non take his Master of Educations ( psychotic )

2. Did non go to on a regular basis his AA and Anger Management Meetings 3. Assail his brother late.
Mr. Gary Harrison violated the conditions of his word so it looks like he will be returning to prison. Case # 3- Kenneth Stanfield- Mr. Stanfield advancement has been good in the last 60 yearss and has been go toing on a regular basis his Sodium categories. Mr. Stanfield has tested clean on all of his random drug trials presently. Mr. Stanfield is making a singular and on good route of recovery.

The alterations that I would hold considered in Case # 2- Gary Harrison are that he should hold been placed in. halfway house supervising with particular demands for wrongdoer late released. Mr. Harrison did speak of his frights of fighting with the possibility of get worsing due to the issues of drugs and substance maltreatment once he would be release. Mr. Harrison subsequently fled because he was unable to get the better of his battles to retrieve.

All of the recommendations refering all instances were included in the conditions of probation. But in Mr. Gary Harrison ( instance # 2 ) he was a good case of how wrongdoers who are release can non be rehabilitated. Rehabilitation is non due to the deficiency of services or actions gettable by the Probation/Parole Department. but it may be make to the deficiency of aid of the felon.


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