Descriptive forgiveness. The court works in many

Descriptive EntryAt last this place of reckoning, the noose has this feel of sorrow and anger just waiting to be released. The innocent victims that have fallen upon this accursed device. Just the thought of seeing someone hang from this device for no reason makes me sick to my stomach. How the gallows stand in the center of the town for everyone to watch. Everyone fears it, once you’re sent to the gallows there’s no way out. Once you’re on the stage of the gallows, the noose turns into this blood hungry devil that has no remorse towards anyone and takes your life in an instant. The blood. The fear. The intimidation. How many times the noose has spilled blood is uncountable, the people it had slaughtered. The noose makes the strongest of men beg for forgiveness, mercy, and makes them feel shameful for their actions. The gallows brings nothing but fear. Once that cold, suffocating rope goes around your neck, it’s over for you. Your Life, your doings, will all come to an end , and you will beg for forgiveness. The court works in many mysterious ways, lynching innocence people for false accusations, but they don’t know the experience of the death sentence. As the noose tightens around your neck you know what’s about to happen. There’s no escape as you stand in the middle of the town on the chair people are yelling, screaming and crying asking to themselves why. Then the judge announces “Any last words”, then in an instant the chair below you drops down below you and the body drops, the sound of the person struggling for air and gagging for air, as their windpipe closes. Close family members are crying, and screaming for them to stop asking the same reason again “Why?”. After a few seconds the lifeless body just dangles there, everyone in complete terror as the gallows adds another innocent soul. After the judge is ensured that the person is dead, he cuts the rope, preparing the gallows for its next victim; the body slams to the ground, and makes a loud bang that echoes throughout the town. The face all swollen, body dragged in a slow motion off the gallows for its final resting place. But it’s no shock to anyone now, with all the innocent people being hung, it’s truly terrifying because you never know if you’re going to be the next victim for the gallows. If you are then it’s already too late for forgiveness.


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