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Derick MillerMrs. BurrisAP English-III12 December 2017The Other Wes Moore    Wes Moore explains at the beginning of the book that what he is writing about is true. Where he and another individual have very similar, yet different lives. They both have the same name, grew up in similar conditions, but end up in different places. He begins to write and visit the other Wes Moore in prison and realizes that their lives are not that different from one another.     In the first of three parts they discuss about how both their fathers were absent from their lives. Moore is emotional about how his father passed away when he was very young. While, Wes is very resentful about how his father chose to be away from the family. He describes how Wes and Moore’s parents met and how both of them had bad grades in early school. Joy threatens to send Moore to a military school, while Wes at this time looked up to his brother and became a part of the drug game. This is where I believe the differences between the two start to diverge a little.    The next part they discuss their maturity as children. At the beginning Mary is asking Wes about where he is receiving his influx of cash from, responding he is a DJ. Eventually, she finds his drug stash and flushes it, he gets furious yelling that she threw away 4,000 dollars. Then, he describes a time when he was tagging a wall and was arrested, his sister is disrespectful, but he was emotional. Joy then sends him to a military school, where he tried to leave within the first week. But, has a huge impact later on in life making him overall a more respectful person. While, Wes has a child and is charged with attempted murder. After 6 months in juvenile detention he lives with his aunt and begins selling drugs again, but finds himself back in a jail cell after selling drugs to an undercover cop.    Then they discuss whether people are representative of the environment around them. They come to the conclusion that in an environment of success a person will have a greater chance of succeeding. Contrary to being surrounded by failure, in which you are almost expected to fail. It shows that in this part of the book that Moore has become a paratrooper, while Wes and Tony are wanted for the murder of officer Prothero. It really shows in the conclusion how drastically different both of their lives are. Quotes”I was becoming too “rich” for the kids from the neighborhood and too “poor” for the kids at school.” (Moore 53). I feel this is important, since this is the first time that Wes Moore feels like he can not belong anywhere.Wes just wanted to get his hands on one of the headsets. There was money involved too?” (Moore 58). This is significant, because this is the first time that the other Wes Moore becomes a part of the drug game without realizing it.”When we’re young, it sometimes seems as if the world doesn’t exist outside our city, our block, our house, our room. We make decisions based on what we see in that limited world and follow the only models available.” (Moore 178). This is when both Wes Moore’s conclude that when you are a kid you want to follow an example whether it is positive or negative.I became aware of how I had put myself in this situation – this man now had control of my body; even my own hands had become useless to me. More than that, he had control of my destiny. And I couldn’t deny that it was my own stupid fault.” (Moore 83). Wes Moore realizes that as he is being arrested that he has no control over what happens next. He tells himself he will not tag again, but the next week he was doing it again.”The chilling truth is that his story could have been mine. The tragedy is that my story could have been his” (Moore 180). At the end he concludes that he is only lucky to have his freedom and how easily he too could not have his freedom today.VocabularyRunner – The one that moved packages for local suppliers who needed to make drop-offs for local dealers.Facade- an outward appearance that is maintained to conceal a less pleasant or creditable reality.Perpetual- Unending, Continuous.Myriad- a large number or sum of.Vigilance- state of close observation.Writing Style    Wes Moore split the book into three different parts of their upbringing absence of their fathers, maturity, and whether they are products of their environment. He then used flashbacks and memories of relatives or friends to convey his story. He would have a section of himself and then would switch over to the other Wes Moore’s life at the same time. This effectively allowed me to see how they both slowly diverged from one another over time.Author’s Tone    Wes Moore’s tone varied from each interlude to the next. The first interlude they were talking about the absence of their fathers as young children. So, to reflect the emotion they experience he used a more solemn feeling to the writing. The second interlude he speaks about their maturity. Here he uses an objective tone to show his and his mother’s emotion during scenes. During the last interlude they speak about whether people are influenced by their environment. Lastly, he uses a respectful tone to show that he could have ended up in the same place as the other Wes Moore. Yet, he was lucky enough to be pointed in the right direction.


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