Depression, number of creative people. The purpose

Depression, Anxiety
and other common mental health illnesses are becoming a more recurring issue
within each year. In 2014, The Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey (AMPS), which
has been carried out every seven years since 1993, took place in England and revealed
that one in six (17%) people, over the age of 16, have a common mental
disorder. The percentage has increased from the survey taken in 2007 of which
results were 16.2%. These do not include children under the age of 16.


It is proven that art
and music can be therapeutic for people who are suffering with mental
illnesses. Creative arts allow students with mental disorders to express their
thoughts and feelings in a way which makes them feel most comfortable. Unfortunately,
many art and music courses are being closed down in schools and tuition fees
are often too high. This can be more stressful than therapeutic for a large
number of creative people.

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The purpose of this
report is to evaluate the difference between creative and non-creative minds.

The aim is to find an answer to the question on what kind of impact does mental
illness have on, to help influence a design of a space which will support
creative minds who suffer from mental health disorders and educate others on
how they can help.


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