Density of Aluminum Experiment Essay

Density of Aluminum Experiment Introduction: Dr. Wangdu and Dr. Mohammad wanted to examine the density of the aluminum cylinder without using any sort of measuring support or the Internet. This study aims to evaluate the importance of group work and the basic learning of the Energy and Matter is to experiment with lack of equipment by using formula to find out the answer. Experimental Conditions: They were only given 3 pieces of equipment: tape, the Aluminum Cylinder and a container. These pieces of equipment were challenging our knowledge to figure out the density of the aluminum. Before did the experiment, Dr.

Wangdu and Dr. Mohammad used the formula P=mass/volume to figure out what information do they need. They used water’s density to solve this problem. Dr. Wangdu and Dr. Mo used water to fill the container up and measure the width, long, and depth of the container. Then put the aluminum cylinder, which is tapped, and measure the depth again. They also measure the radius and long of the aluminum cylinder. They used this way to take down the data of mass and volume of the aluminum. As the result, Dr. Wangdu and Dr. Mohammad used the formula P=mass/volume to figure out the density of aluminum. Results: Marisela

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Interpretation: The density of the aluminum is an exactly number, so the Doctors found the outcome, which is similar to the rest of the class. Point(s) of Interest: From the data above, and knowing the exact density of the aluminum,Dr. Wangdu and Dr. Mohammad found that their results was difference form the exactly one but it’s similar. The reason is that they used the density of water to figure out the density of aluminum by using formula and because the lack of the equipment which cannot help them to find out the precisely outcomes, so this is cause why the outcome is different from the exactly one.

Uncertainty: Dr. Wangdu and Dr. Mohammad thought that regarding limited equipment which was hard to find out a precisely density of aluminum. There were two factors, which could influence the outcome. First one was that container was not a rectangular which can cause the long and width was not precisely. The factor two was that they measured the depth of water, which was moving all the time, and this was another fact can caused the outcome was not precisely.


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