Demonstration Speech Essay

How to Make a Scarf out of A T-shirt General Purpose: to inform Specific Purpose: to show my audience how to turn an old t-shirt into a scarf Central Idea: It’s easy to save money & be fashionable Introduction I. Attention Material: a. Short on money? b. Anybody feel like they should only buy what they HAVE TO for the colder season? II. Orienting Material c. Now that I’m a broke college kid, I’ve learned to make some cute clothing accessories without having to spend a lot of money, and I’d like to share my ideas with the class. d. Central idea: Anybody can save money and be fashionable e.

Preview: Today I’m going to show you how to make a scarf out of an old tshirt that never gets worn anymore. In order to do that, im going to: 1. Prepare the materials (make sure shirt is even) 2. Cut shirt in appropriate areas to make a scarf 3. Put the scarf on & show how it looks Body I. First, you need to prepare the area and materials a. Old t-shirt b. Scissors II. Prepare t-shirt c. Lay out flat on table d. Be sure that it is laid even III. Cut the shirt e. Right underneath the arm holes of the shirt f. Cut slits up, down at the bottom of the shirt IV.

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Pull on the slits previously cut to make them long and thin V. Place around your neck, folding in the inner part so you do not see the cut Conclusion I. Summary: In review, the steps for making a scarf out of a Tshirt include: a. Prepare materials b. Cut the shirt in appropriate areas c. Put scarf on to show how it looks II. Clincher d. I hope you have enjoyed the demonstration, and I hope I have opened your minds to a cheap creative craft idea. e. This is only one of the many ways to save money and have new clothing accessories & only takes minutes to make!


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