Definition paper on the word “Strength” Essay

Strength is more so merely a physical word. It is a word of high stature. Strength can be used in three ways ; physical. mental. and religious. Strength is the quality of being physically strong. capacity to prolong the application of force without giving or interrupting. effectivity. and concentration. Strength is a word that is a greatly misinterpreted from clip to clip. To some. strength is merely in physical signifier. but for others strength comes with emotions and spiritualty.

Physical strength is a good thing to hold for your personal benefit. To be physically fit is good for your wellness and for the protection of you and others. To hold physical strength is a great plus. but for some a mere load. For the tough who abuses his physical strength. it could take to anguish and trouble for him and others. Is a adult male strong when he hits his married woman or is a adult male strong when he offers comfort? That’s were mental strength comes into drama.

Mental strength can be one of the best things to hold. To be able to command a state of affairs is a great thing. When we get older we gain more mental strength. because our heads gain more cognition. Karate Teachs self defence. but their chief focal point is on mental strength.

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The teachers teach their pupils to merely utilize karate as ego defence. That it takes more strength to non utilize karate so it does to really utilize it. In a relationship mental strength is the top quality. “It takes a batch of mental strength to focused and remain married for 29 old ages. ” ( John Hart ) Teaching anything and everything involves a batch of mental strength ( forbearance ) . For some holding attractive characteristics can take to over assurance. niaveness. and broken relationships. For others holding beauty is non taken lightly and set it to good usage by being faithful to their couples which takes mental strength by taking non to be a wanderer.

Religious strength takes a batch of self confidence. Strength in the spiritual universe comes from within. Faith and trust are the strong reminders for those in their beliefs. Is a curate strong because he stays in a church that is cabaling against him and lost their ability to hear the word of God through their Pastor. or is he strong when he chooses to go forth? I would hold to state that a Pastor has to be wise and listen to God stating him its clip to travel and be a fresh voice to others. It takes strength to spot from what the Devil wants us to believe and the truth. Religious strength can come in difficult times every bit good as good.

See a adult males ideas when he suffers a tragic autumn and becomes a paraplegic and has to pass the remainder of his life looking up to short people. holding to inquire for the simplest of aid ( wheel chair acquiring stuck in a little hole ) . or merely holding to act or else. Religious failing can come in the signifier of cussing God for our bad luck and inquiring him why Religious strength is accepting that the Bible tells us there is a ground for all things. To some religious strength is making good workss and maintaining a record of them. I have seen people of strong religious strength who ne’er seem to waiver in disputing times. Job was a adult male of religious strength and I know personally I would non desire to endure every bit much or the manner he did. Job was a adult male of all three strengths. physical. mental and religious.


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