Defining Art Essay

The Real Definition of Art Have you ever looked at a sketch made by a twenty year old college student of a stick person, a poorly drawn dog, and lines for grass and said to yourself “Man that is art that took actual talent. “? Didn’t think so… What about if it was a drawing your daughter did at the age of five? I bet your Judgment changed. That right there you would hang on your refrigerator for the world to see. That is where the question arises; what is art?

How can you say that the twenty year olds art is not as good as our daughters? Is it because of the age difference and you are expecting more from the student? Maybe you Just do not actually understand art. Let us take a deeper look into all of this, shall we? Art: Noun (1) The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, “the art of the Renaissance” (2) Works produced by such skill and imagination The above is the dictionary meaning of the word art which in all honesty meaner nothing really.

That is such a broad definition that you could put this essay down as a form of art, and call it good. Art is not Just about skills, and imagination. Everyone in the world has an imagination. However, Just because you have an imagination that doesn’t mean what comes from it stands as art. I could think of a pig flying and when I draw it if it looks terrible even though I used the best of my creative skill; it is not art. It is simply a poorly drawn pig with wings. The definition by dictionary also says art is a noun, which once again is wrong.

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A noun classifies a person place or thing, which once again is so broad that you could say every person in the world is art, cause of the process used to make that person. Without getting graphic, that process takes “skill”, imagination, and it makes a “noun”… There for you have art. Wrong. You simply have a person. You see people posting pictures on Instating all day long of “art” and laugh because it is not art! However, by definition in the dictionary it is. Poetry is another strong form of art however is I write “l love you, you are the color of my shoe. You are so pretty, and soft like a kitty. Oust totally made that up) That is not art, it is creepy and unpleasant. So the question still stands what is art? Art: Verb (1) The way something entertains the mind and/or body (2) An emotion connection to what is being presented The above is my definition of art, in the best words I could find. (Not very artistic, I know. ) Art is something that makes you think and feel. That picture your daughter drew of the stick person, was art to you because she drew it, you find it beautiful even though it is the most simple of things. What causes that? The emotional connection to what is there.

Art. Have you ever been to an art show? There are some things in an art show that you simply Just cannot stand to look at then there are other things you love. The things you find unappealing are not art to you. Nevertheless, they are to someone else. Art is truly Yes, those Instating pictures are art, but not to everyone. Those pictures your daughters draw, they are art too. Just not to other people. The speeches Obama gives, is art to the people who approve. A cosmologist possibly believes art is cutting and coloring hair, when to others it is Just a hair style.

Are you beginning to understand art? I hope so. There is a possibility after reading this art is even more confusing to you, if so I apologize but I hope it altered the way you think. Art is not simple to describe and it is a very beautiful thing, when you find what you really believe is art. Always keep in mind that art is everything you want it to be, but that doesn’t mean it is the same thing for everyone. Respect what other people find as art, because what you see as art is possibly flawed too. Works Cited “art. ” Merriam-Webster. Com. Merriam-Webster, 2011. Web. 5 March 2013.


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