Dear Obama Essay

My name is Jane Doe. I am an 1 lath grade student from Knoxville, Tennessee. Do not let my age fool you. I am well aware of the atrocities happening within our government. I am writing this letter to you, because I have a few concerns with our government today. I am concerned with the start of the war in Syria, the possible cancellation of Social Security checks, and the eavesdropping on our personal communication devices. First off is the war in Syria. As you probably know, it is being called the next World War.

Only 9 percent of Americans actually support the war in Syria, so this must tell oh something. We do not think action needs to be taken; we do not want action to be taken. Our allies, the I-J, has rejected the attack, and said they will not even reconsider it. The sole purpose for starting this war is in retaliation for President Basher al-Sad’s suspected use of chemical weapons against civilians. Bombing Syria, will not save the civilians. You will Just be taking more civilian’s lives in the process. You cannot make peace within a country by starting a war against them. Secondly, is the possible cancellation of Social Security checks?

There is a potential illusion course over the federal budget. The possibility of a government shutdown is closer than it has been in years. According to what you said at a press conference, if the government shuts down, “”People don get their Social Security checks. ” Some people depend on those checks to live. L, for example, am supposed to receive my social security checks on my 18th birthday, and if I do not receive them I will have an incredibly hard time moving out on my own, and becoming independent. In my opinion, something should be put in place, incase such a thing does happen.

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Last, but not least, is the eavesdropping on our personal communication devices. The Fish Law ensures that the US Government needs a warrant to listen in on our calls and read our emails. That meaner that they have to have “probable cause” that we are an agent of foreign power or terrorist organization. The NSA specifically, targets everyone. They collect our information, and store it so that they can examine it for possible threats. You claim that this does not happen, but some of us have come across facts and documents that say otherwise. I have one question Mr.. Obama.

Do you enjoy lying to your citizens, and invading our personal lives? I believe I have covered a few of my concerns in this letter. The war in Syria, the cancellation of Social Security checks, and the invasion of our privacy were my main concerns, but I do have many more that I may write to you in a later time. I hope that you can take the time to read my letter, which I highly doubt that you will, but I can at least say that I tried. I know you are a very busy man, and have important concerns to deal with. If you do happen to read my letter, please consider the things I have said.


I'm James!

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