Dear a team to represent the department

Dear Admission Comittee,

I am very pleased to recommend Lokesh for admission to your
Masters program. I am a professor and the Head of the Department with
specialization in Signal Processing. I have been teaching for eighteen years
and have been advising research projects at Master and Doctorate levels. I have
taught Lokesh Signals and Systems and Digital Signal Processing in third and fifth
semesters. I had been closely acquainted with Lokesh for three years of his
undergraduate studies.

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               He was
very focused in his courseware and was particularly enchanted with Signals and
Systems. His strong Mathematical background makes him grasp Fourier Series and
other concepts easily. He used to be attentive in the class and respond to my
questions in the class. He volunteered and formed a team to represent the
department in the Robot League held by IIT Madras in our college, in his third
year.  With his networking skills he
formed a team of juniors, seniors and classmates. He has put a significant
contribution in designing and coding the robot coordinating with team and
Professors. He has been a great leader and he improved reputation of the department
in the League.

I have advised him on his project on implementation of
Parallel Prefix adders. He is having a good rapport with the professor he
worked for the project. It is good to select a project on binary adders which
are the critical elements in most digital circuit designs. Right from
submitting the abstract to the department to submitting the project he worked
hard with his team mates and the faculty. His extensive research and impeccable
presentation brought him the top marks in project evaluation.

As a senior associate in the college and the Head of the
Department I strongly recommend admission for him in your graduate school. An
international Master’s course will definitely bolster his technical and
organizing skills. I am confident that he will not only continue to be a
promising, competitive, resourceful and sincere student but would also be
capable of efficiently discharging her duties as graduate assistant. I wish her
all the success for her future endeavors.


Dr.K.Suresh Reddy,

HOD,Electronics and Communication Engineering,

G.Pulla Reddy Engineering college, Kurnool.

E-mail:[email protected]


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