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Chapter I l. Introduction One of our basic needs is rice which is considered as the staple food in the Philippines. Almost all of us buy rice every day for our meal so it is one of the products that have a high demand. According to the Law of Demand, If the demand is high then the price is low and if the demand Is low then the price Is high. (Macaroon, Economies Nagoya: Flanagan at Planned (Bibb page 96, New Horizons Publications) Rice can be bought In super markets and public stores. The price of rice may vary from Its quality from how It was made.

Circumstances changes s time goes by in producing rice and It has an effect In the price of the rice. Just Like the weather, It can change the price of rice. The researchers alma to find the factors that affect the prices of to the La Heart consumers In the Philippines during 2013 – 2014. II. Background of the Study Rice will undergo many processes before It can be sell In stores. The seeds are selected carefully before it can be planted. Then the soil is prepared to ensure that that the rice production will have a good quality. Then it is planted by the process of transplanting. Water is needed to grow crops.

To prevent water shortage, the farmers aim to maintain flooded conditions in their fields. Fertilizer was used by the farmer to ensure that the rice will get the exact nutrients it needs to grow. There is also a threat in growing rice in the field such as insects and other pests. Farmers need to keep the field free from the pests to ensure good rice production. Then when it’s ready to be harvested, it will undergo post harvesting, it includes drying and milling. Then it will be packed and it will be ready for a delivery. The price of rice changes because many factors are affecting in the production of it.

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The researchers IM to discover the factors that affect the price of rice in Barraging La Heart. La Heart located in Appearance City. It is a productive place with many stores and people. Rice is the staple food of the Filipinos so it is one of the products that have high demand and it is one of the main products you can see in different stores in La Ill. Definitions of Terms Heart. Rice – is considered as the staple food in the Philippines. It is mostly eaten by the Filipinos in partner with other dishes. Demand (Economics) – refers to the consumers desires, willingness and ability to pay a price for a specific product.

Law of Demand – states that is the demand is high, the price Is low and if the demand Is low, the price Is high. Supermarket – the place where can you buy various products such as rice. Transplanting (Agriculture) – Is the technique of moving a plant from one location to another. It Is a method used In planting rice. Fertilizer – It Is a chemical or natural substance added to the soil or land In a plant to Increase Its fertility. It Is used to ensure that a plant will get the nutrients needed for It to grow. Post harvesting – Is the stage of crop production following harvest, cleaning, sorting and packing.

It Is one after rice Is harvested from the field. Drying (Agriculture) – Is the process that process of removing the husk and the bran layers and produce an edible white rice this process. IV. Significance of the Study This research will help to determine if the price of rice is proportional to its quality. Some rice has a high price but low quality. The researchers will find out what factors are affecting the price of rice in Barraging La Heart. This research will also help the people in Barraging La Heart to prevent the factors that will increase the price of the rice and make people pay the right price for the right quality of rice.

This will not Just benefit the people in La Heart but also the other Barings here in Philippines. V. Scope and Limitations The researchers will interview the barraging officials for the current situation of the production of rice in their place. The researchers carefully selected some stores to interview about where they are ordering their rice. The interview will only take place only inside La Heart. The researchers will use a telephone for contacting the stores we selected and the company they are ordering in the rice that they sell.

The researches will discuss to the selected stores what brand of rice is mostly consumed ND less consumed by the people in their place. After that, the researchers will contact the company where they are ordering their rice and interview them by using a telephone or a laptop with internet connection. Chapter II Related Literatures and Studies For this chapter, the researchers will be using various materials/resources that will be of great use for this chapter. Please note that the information taken from the sources are legitimate and up to date.

Be discreet when reading their views and opinions. “Rice is the staple food of the Filipinos. It is politically sensitive commodity tit which supply disruption causes people distress. The Philippines consumes about 33,000 tons of rice daily. Approximately, 80% of total population spends almost h of their income on rice alone. This shows that a slight increase in the price of this commodity will greatly affect the standard living for most National Statistics Office: Percentage Distribution of Total Family Expenditures by Major Expenditure Group: 2000 and 2003. 007, September 14). Rice is always included in a Filipinos daily budget, almost all Filipinos use rice in their meals making it one of the most sought after source of food in our country. As observed, fall depending on the situation. So there is no surprise when the majority of Filipinos suddenly react to the change of prices in rice, considering the impact it makes in the lives of Filipinos. Many crop yields are delicately dependent on a particular mix of temperatures, soil conditions and rainfall patterns that could be disrupted by global warming. (Human Perspectives page 143). The excerpt says that the climate greatly affects the soil in which the rice grows, since Philippines is a tropical country, the weather may affect the price of our rice in the Philippines. Storms can greatly affect the production of our rice as we currently observed and great draughts, though draughts are counteracted by dams that keep the crops nourished for the growth of the plants. “One thing to have in mind is that there are always billions of other factors that affect the prices of food, not Just the weather. (consult, November 2012: How weather can affect food prices, Simple supply and demand). Keeping this in mind, there are several other factors that may affect the price of rice in our country, and with the researcher’s research proposal, we can discover and better yet elaborate these said factors for future researches to come. Conceptual Framework Methodology l. The Design This research will utilize both quantitative and qualitative data because it deals with the prices of the product as well as the quality also.

The strategy used by the researchers is having a survey form that will be distributed to the selected participants around the place where the research is being conducted. The survey contains few questions that will be answered by the participants so that the researchers can get the needed data in a fast and easy manner. The data was adhered when the participants returned the survey sheets. To gather more data, the researches asked some questions that are relevant to the study to the participants. The data gathered was both qualitative and quantitative.

The qualitative data deals with the quality of the rice and the quantitative data deals with the quantity of the rice. II. The Setting The researcher was conducted in Barraging La Heart, Appearance City. La Heart has lots of market all over the place. Most of the markets sell rice. There are big markets and there is also smalls ones, this could affect the price of it since they eave different profit that is added to the price of it. Ill. Subject or Participants The subject/participants of the research are the owners of the selected stores in La Heart Appearance City.

To gather more data, the researchers also interviewed some customer that was buying in the selected stores. This will help the researchers to gather more data and to know more things that may be relevant to the study. It will also help the researchers to know the evaluation of the customer about products the selected store. This will reflect the quality of that the stores sells. IV. Instrument In gathering the data, the researchers used a survey form that is distributed to the selected stores in La Heart Appearance City. The researchers also interviewed the owners of the stores.


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