Cycles by his doctor, Patrick Avitable’s addiction

Cycles of AddictionIn the United States alone, an estimated 24.6 million people have used an illicit drug in the past month. The rate has been increasing since 2013 due to growth in drug dependence. This dependence leads to what professionals call the Cycle of Addiction. The Cycle of Addiction is best defined as a cycle of misuse of addictive substances, recovery, and restarting the use of illicit substances, a cycle that hurts the user and the values of the family. In the cycle of abuse a user can go two ways, making it on the road to recovery and fighting to live in a world against drugs, or down the path of constant addiction.Through her childhood Marney, had watched her father and stepfather drink, Once she was an adult she continued the trend and became alcohol dependent, causing her to always have a drink with her. This addiction brought Marney to drink and drive with her children in the car. Her children also picked up the habit they saw their mother partake in and became alcoholics at young ages, Marneys daughter started to dabble in illegal drugs after years of drinking. At 30 years old, Marney went through the long journey of rehabilitation and found sobriety. Her daughter, after years of addiction to drinking and drugs, also quit when she was thirty. Both Marney and her daughter now, after several years of resilience, is addiction free and living great lives.        Anne Avitable had three sons Patrick, Kevin, and James she never thought two of them would become addicts. In 2002 James Avitable was given Oxycodone by his doctor, Patrick Avitable’s addiction started around the same time first using marijuana then pills.The two started using heroin not too long after starting pills, due to their dependency on opiate pain-pills. The brothers had had stints in and out of rehab through years. In the summer of 2015, Patrick was doing great, he had a girlfriend and his son was set to come live with him until he overdosed and died, James died a few months before that. Anne is now speaking out for addicts and preaching to other mothers to learn the warning signs of addiction.      With stories of addiction, some end happily and others end disastrously, In a world of ever-growing addiction it is best that we give addicts and their families resources and support to help them through an extremely hard time.   


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