Culture and Cultrual Differences of Islam Essay

The Culture and Cultural Differences of Islam Islam is one of the largest religions in the world, and is one of the main focuses when people examine the volatile relationships between countries. I chose to evaluate the Islamic culture in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and America as well as to evaluate the cultural differences between Islam and the other leading religions. These differences and how other cultures perceive these differences effects how Muslims and non-Muslims communicate and interact with each other.

To help expand culture diversity it is important for Muslims and non- Muslims alike to learn about each others cultures to create more tolerance in the world. I chose this topic after reading an article in Military Times about a military class that was suspended because of what it was teaching about Islam. The teacher projected the views of radical Islam as an official belief for the Islamic culture.

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He views Islam as hating everything that America stands for and it will be unable to coexist with America; and feels that it is illogical to think that there is a way to find common ground with Islamic religious leaders (Jelinek and Burns 2012). Examining the differences in cultures and the beliefs of Islam around the world can give a broader perspective and prevent stereotyping a culture based on a minority of beliefs. What I expect to find is that Islam’s foundation of beliefs is the same in each country, however the culture of Islam will be shaped by the areas they are located and the surrounding cultures.

I also expect to find similarities in between Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. By focusing on the similarities of the religions Muslims and non-Muslims can work on bridging the gap in interaction and communication. To do this I plan to use religious resources to outline the views of each religion. Then focus on the major countries that Islam is found such as America, Indonesia, Pakistan, Britain, and the Middle East. Jelinek, Pauline. Burns, Robert. (2012, May 10). Military class suspended for its view on Islam. Military Times.


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