Cultural Paper Essay

Kristina Cater Professor Mulholland HUM 1020 31625 07/26/12 Cultural Paper When I first walked into the Mennello Museum of American Art on July 8, 2012, I was greeted by the security guard and he was very kind and polite towards me. He gave me pamphlets and explained about each one. Then he had directed me to where each section was located in the building. I had felt warmly welcomed there and the place seemed very inviting. As I walked around and looked carefully at each piece of art, I had thought about where the artist’s inspiration came from and how well their work of art had represented their feelings.

I am not a creative person and I do not know too much about art and humanities unless it was from a textbook. I do not understand these feelings the artist has experienced and I do not view the work of art as the same way they do. However, I do appreciate creativity of art and sculptures. There was a whole room dedicated to a man named Earl Cunningham. His life was centered around sailing ships and the ocean. His paintings were of the coasts, boats, and the ocean. They were very beautiful paintings, but also the story behind it.

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He lived and traveled among the East coast of the United States, which is where his inspiration comes from. In addition to attending the Mennello Museum of American Art, I also visited the Orlando Museum of Art to receive more of an understanding of art and humanities. When I walked into the museum, the employees gave cold looks and were patrolling the place as if people were to steal large paintings and sculptures. I felt as if I was a criminal and was also really uncomfortable. There was more of a variety than the Mennello Museum of American Art; it also had an African section.

There were articles of clothing, jewelry, pottery, decorative items, weapons, and tools. I thought it was very considerate and appropriate for public viewing. It was the only culture that was showing that day. It would have been better if there were more cultures being displayed in the museum. Hence, I especially liked the Florida section, where the artists show what they think describes Florida the best. It was enjoyable to see what others think represent Florida, such as the beaches, palm trees, alligators, etc.

The museums had different sections for the different types of materials used in the works of art like oil, photography, clay, acrylic, etc. Each one had a different texture and made a complete difference in the feel of the art piece. I did not know that was even possible! Each piece was very breath-taking. Plus, the different kinds of art that is out there: shading, sculpting, painting, layering, and surrealism. I believe this experience has expanded my knowledge more than I could even imagine. 482 words


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