Cross-Cultural Interview Essay

The cultural heritage is the things. topographic points and patterns that define who we are as persons. as communities. as states or civilisations and as a species. It is that which we want to maintain. portion and base on balls on. 1. Interview a individual signifier a different cultural heritage and gather information on the undermentioned countries. a. With which cultural / racial / cultural group does this individual Identify? Answer: The individual that I chose to interview is Mrs. Chambers. Mrs. Chambers is identified with the cultural and racial group known as African American or Black. This individuality is besides traditionally traced back to the beginning of the United States of America Historical Roots of people identified from Africa. B. Which countries of the person’s civilization is identified with pride? Answer: Mrs. Chambers has an identifiable historical civilization pride which includes among other things get the better ofing obstructions such as racial favoritism along the lines of societal and economically disadvantages and prejudiced patterns against her cultural heritage for over 100 old ages. c. What spiritual beliefs are cardinal to this cultural group?

Answer: Mrs. Chambers’s heritage by and large believes that church is the key to its foundation and is of the corporate religion that God the Father has sent as a Savior of the World His merely Begotten Son who is Named Jesus Christ. The cultural group besides recognizes several other denominational and spiritual groups whose primary beliefs are similar to Mrs. Chambers. such as Baptist. Holiness. Pentecostal. Methodist. and several other denominational and non-denominational groups throughout the universe. This is known as “sheep of other fold” every bit good as other brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus. d. What difficulties has this individual experienced because of his / her cultural tradition?

Answer: Troubles that Mrs. Chambers cultural group has experience as a direct consequence of her cultural traditions. among other things. include racial inequalities and prejudiced patterns against them. Most notably are the cold intervention of her cultural group because of African American Traditions such as Involuntary Slavery ; mistreatments such as lynching of black work forces. raping of black adult females by white Masterss who own the slaves and the plantations. e. What difficulties does this individual experience as a consequence of the attitudes / behaviours of individuals from other civilizations? Answer: Mrs. Chambers has experience multiple attitudes and inauspicious behaviours in her cultural group non merely because of her race. but besides because of her gender. She has experience racial favoritism with respects to employment. publicities. and equal wage for the same type work as her white male opposite number. She has experience employment favoritism and torment as a consequence of her cultural heritage and spiritual beliefs. Too many hardships sing her ethnicity and cultural heritage to list. But clip has brought about a alteration to the many hardships of life as a consequence of Mrs. Chambers cultural group. Education has played a major function in the incorporation of new attitudes and behaviours. such as cultural diverseness preparation. f. How do people within this person’s cultural group aid with personal jobs?

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Answer: Mrs. Chambers’s cultural group antecedently believed that it was forbidden to seek any types of guidance because it held the belief that it was a strong and independent cultural group that relied upon the mending manus of Jesus Christ. Therefore. it was about unheard of for a individual to seek any types of reding for jobs. After this tabu was truly dismissed. the cultural group sought a networking among its ain cultural group but subsequently realized that other groups may hold experience similar jobs who reached out to the cultural groups as a agency of battling the societal and economic jobs within the cultural household and community. g. Under what circumstance would members of this cultural group see reding for personal / household jobs?

Answer: Mrs. Chambers believes that under the fortunes. members of her cultural group see reding for personal and household jobs because of all the latest technological promotions in our society. Training and instruction is the key to a freshly and broad credence of reding. Peoples are unfeignedly making out to professional in the field of reding and psychological science as a direct consequence of the progress engineering and scientific surveies on the topic. h. What would do reding more attractive to this group as a agency to cover with jobs?

Answer: Mrs. Chambers believes that with that latest promotions and information related to instruction at all degrees of our society ; guidance has received high Markss as a direct consequence of its unity and scientific research every bit good as proved effectivity to our households. communities. society. and universe in which we live. The consequence of this cross-cultural interview shows us the importance to be knowing about different civilizations in order to understand and appreciate them. We can non appreciate something that we ignore. In fact. this state is created and good defined as an immigrant state which enriches our environment with a assortment of several civilizations. This interview enriched me when I decided to cognize a small spot more about the heritage of this African American lady who was willing to portrait openly her beliefs. values. and courage despite of her tests in life.

Veronica Chambers is an overcomer adult female who embraced her dreams made them world. Through the agonies in her life. she was able to carry through her Master Degree in Organizational Management in Leadership. Furthermore. she has been functioning the Lord all her life. and encouraging people around her ; she has besides accepted her naming from the Lord and now she is in the place of a pastor’s married woman. In decision. the deficiency of cognition Michigans people to get the better of the racism. favoritism. and stereotypes in our today society. In my sentiment. persons need to be good educated in multicultural positions in order to make a alone and valuable environment appreciating one another.


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