Critique Introduction Essay

Tycoon It is safe to say that every one and every thing in the world cares about something. To care for something Is part of our human nature, and aids our survival and sanity in this cruel world. It makes people get out of bed In the morning, strive for what they believe In, and do Incredible things. Ironically, however, our care can cause people to over do and care to much about the ones we have In our life. We love, protect , trust , homeopath, trouble, stress. Erasure, and concern so much that it might risk the relationships we hold deer with others. For parents, spying on their children to protect them is a big issue when dealing with the teens of today. And it’s the parents use of new technology that poses a great threat to the trust between parent and child, as well as the child’s future when mom and dad are no longer around. Very few parents are willing to give up checking in on their child, let alone not give any inconsideration to their lives.

Parents are controlled by their inner feelings of protection and spoiled by the easy to use gadgets that keep tabs on their children when and where ever they want. So Parents let us pause and praise dirt. And sneakiness. And normal youthful mess making (Nancy Gibbs peg. 64). “The Case for Keeping Out” In this article Nancy Gibbs argues that there Is a limit to how much parents should spy on their kids and that we should trust them to do what Is right form wrong.


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