Criticism on the Novel Essay

Nature puting are expressed

Page 30: “When I was about 15 old ages old we had retired to our house near Belrive. when we witnessed a most violent and awful electrical storm. It advanced from behind the mountains of Jura. and the boom explosion at one time with atrocious volume from assorted quarters of the celestial spheres. I remained with wonder and delectation. As I stood at the door. on a beautiful oak which stood about 20 paces from our house ; and so shortly as the dazzling visible radiation vanished. the oak had disappeared. and nil remained but a blame stump. [ … ] It was non splintered from the daze. but wholly reduced to thin threads of wood. ”

Boding? : power of electricity sparks his attending. if it can destruct something so rapidly. why can’t it conveying dead flesh to life?

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Scientific descriptions lack of import information

Page 48: “It was already one in the forenoon ; the rain pattered drearily against the window glasss. and my taper was about burnt out. when. by the gleam of the half-extinguished visible radiation. I saw the dull xanthous oculus of the animal unfastened ; it breathed hard. and a spasmodic gesture agitated its limbs. ”

We see how she was a poet in this quotation mark: she gives more descriptions of the milieus than the scientific facet of which many people long for. Obviously shows the deficiency of cognition displayed by Mary Shelly.

States are “close together”

Shows one time once more how much cognition Mary Shelly had sing geographics. It sparks attending when she says that it takes longer to travel from Geneva to Ingolstadt ( a sum of 413. 6 stat mis ) than it is to travel to England.

Monster has superhuman abilities yet he is made from human parts

Page 70: “I idea of prosecuting the Satan. but it would hold been in vain. for another flash discovered him to me hanging among the stones of the about perpendicular acclivity of Mont Saleve. a hill that bounds Plainpalais on the South. He shortly reached the acme and disappeared. ”

Pigeonholing of the Turkish and Irish people

If Frankenstein had already created a monster. why did he necessitate aid from some other scientists for the creative activity of another monster?

Page 153: “I found that I could non compose a female without once more giving several months to profound survey and arduous disquisition. I had heard of some finds holding been made by an English philosopher. he cognition of which was stuff to my success [ … ] ”

The Monster Tells Frankenstein how he’s survived rabbles throwing stones and several other missiles and such. yet Frankenstein ne’er stops seeking to believe he can kill the monster.

Page 206: “ [ … ] the monster whom I had created. the suffering devil whom I had sent abroad into the universe for my devastation. I was possessed by a maddening fury when I thought of him. and desired and ardently prayed that I might hold him within my appreciation to bring a great and signal retaliation on his curst caput. ”

All quotation marks from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein


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