Criminal Addiction- America’s Social Crisis Essay

The United States boasts some of the finest medical cognition in the universe ; is known for it’s charitable aid to third universe states and yet there’s an epidemic that it chooses to disregard and even revile. Drug dependence. to both illegal and legal drugs. is on the violent disorder. In 2001. 16. 6 million instances of drug dependence were reported- that’s 7. 3 % of the population. Our exigency suites are overruning with drug related exigencies and our gaols are packed with felons charged with drug related offenses.

The American medical society can be partly blamed for our national dependences. From diacetylmorphine and cocaine in the early 1900’s. to tranquillizers and diet pills in the 60’s and 70’s to today’s extremely habit-forming hurting slayers. doctor’s have pushed pills at us. luging them as miracle remedies. and the similar. Americans are a society that is ever looking for new thoughts and new ways to work out jobs. and these instant solutions ever seem like a good thing- and normally aren’t ( King. 2006 ) .

Unfortunately. doctor’s are less inclined to handle those they addict- they would instead disregard the job or chalk it up to a weak will. than face the fact that without their fanatic selling. the bulk of these people would ne’er hold become nuts. Those physicians that wish to assist their patients are met with small pick – if the patient has no insurance. there are really few intervention centres. It’s the center and lower category addicts that suffer the most- due to miss of money. influence and insurance.

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One the other side of addiction- namely street drugs. we once more see the privation for a miracle remedy. Many childs experiment out of wonder. but the bulk that become heavy drug users normally start utilizing drugs as an flight and because they see their parents make drugs excessively. They besides see drugs as a manner of doing speedy money and to get away the poorness they live in ( Addiction. 2002 ) . Unfortunately for either type of user. there is no flight. Drugs frequently lead to death- whether self-destruction. inadvertent overdose. contending between traders. or the assorted diseases that can come from chronic drug usage.

At least one enchantment of captivity is guaranteed for the street drug user- normally for covering or force related to covering. Conversely. prescription drug addicts normally end up in captivity for assorted offenses to back up their habits- offenses that are normally more sophisticated such as larceny and counterfeit. Either manner. nevertheless. these nuts end up in jail- in a system that is merely at that place to do certain they serve a sentence- instead than assist them to get the better of the job ( Addiction. 2002 ) .

A motion to alter drug dependence from a offense to a public wellness job is get downing in America. This attack has already been tried in the Netherlands with consequences demoing a pronounced decrease in the figure of heroin nuts over a biennial period. There. drug sellers are prosecuted. and drug nuts that commit other offenses such as larceny are punished for those offenses. but are non charged with ownership. Alternatively rehabilitation is ordered and received. ( Bertran. Sharpe. Andreas. 1996 )

In 2007. the Second Chance Act was put before Congress. This measure will let financess to be allotted to State authoritiess to put up intoxicant and substance maltreatment plans for inmates. It besides authorizes the creative activity of drug intervention and rehabilitation centres as options to incarceration for non-violent wrongdoers. While this is still in the legislative procedure. it is a measure toward altering the hereafters of many Americans. Conclusion It’s clip for Americans to step back and take a long expression at their attitudes about drug dependence.

It’s obvious from our gaols and mortuaries that our current policies and thoughts are non working. References King. Rufus ( 2006 ) The Drug Hang Up. America’s Fifty-Year Folly retrieved from hypertext transfer protocol: //www. druglibrary. org/special/king/dhu/dhu5. htm “Drug Addiction is an Illness. non a Crime” ( 2002 ) retrieved from hypertext transfer protocol: //www. drug -addiction. com/addiction_is_illness. htm Bertran. Eva ; Sharpe. Kenneth ; Andreas. Peter ( 1996 ) Drug War Politicss: The Price of Denial University of California Press retrieved from hypertext transfer protocol: //books. Google. com /books? id=baWsThZgBaQC & A ; printsec on January 31 2009.


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