Creative brief Essay

In order to protect the public health, prevent the youth smoking and reduce the secondhand smoke, Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health continuous launch the promotional advertising on television, the publications in our website to encourage and help more people who are addicted to quit smoking. We should establish a smoke-free Hong Kong because smoking will destroy our health and life in the end. Why are we Advertising? Objective) The objective of this ad is for the audiences to know the mortality rate of smoking and smoking will lose their lives easily, so quit it is good for them. Who are we talking to? (Target market) The smokers and the people who want to try smoking. What is the most important thing we want to say? (Key Proposition) We want to say how invincible the audiences are, smoking is dangerous and the smokers will die easier from smoking than the car accidents, as well as one out of every two of smokers will die early from smoking finally and quit it.

Why should our audiences believe this? (Support) Because smoke is harmful In their common sense, COOS also Is a reliable source to show the research and information about smoking. What do we want them to feel/ do? (Response) Firstly, we want them to feel scared and worry about the mortality rate of smoking. And then quit It. We have provided the smoking cessation hooting to the smokers who unable quit by themselves. So they can call us for help. Timing: We will launch the ad on television five months totally.

Budget: totally. Mediators: We showed the slogan: One in two smokers will die early; the smoking cessation hooting: 1833183; the website: www. Smokers. Hack and the logo. Comments: In my opinions, the ad is good to use the car crush example because when I first time to watch this ad, I unexpected it is about quit smoke, it make me keep finish it. The ad an achieve and show out the idea of smoking will kill the smokers instead of the accidents suddenly.

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Moreover, it showed the details for the target audiences clearly to quit it, the hooting and website. In the other hand, the smoker might think no matter they quit it or not, they will die one day in the future, so, we can put the real story into the ad, it look more true. For example, how the life changing of the smokers after quit smoking.


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