Creating a Vision for College Success Essay

Sums Columbia Southern university Entering college is a huge goal for me to take on. This paper tells what I hope to accomplish by attaining my degree and explains my motivation for enrolling at Columbia Southern university. By writing out my plan for accomplishing my degree, I hope to make the plan more solid and help me stay focused on my goal. College and Career Goals I have always had an interest in computers, ever since the flirts time I sat down on our very first home computer.

I immediately wanted to know how this thing worked and owe to use It. Also what it was capable of doing. I would stay up for hours as a teenager exploring the inner workings of the computer as well as the software. I was interested in computers due to the unlimited possibilities it had to offer. I am so amazed of how much a little box was capable of doing. I knew this was going to be the future and I wanted to be a part of it. After high-school I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do until the ARMY came along. I enlisted into the United States Army at the age of twenty-eight.

After being in the ARMY for almost five years I really thought bout my future and decided to push forward in a career that I will enjoy after the Military. I decided to look Into the Information technology field and found that to be my main interest. My goal is to acquire my Bachelors of Science in Information Technology with Columbia Southern university within four years. Once I obtain this getting this degree. I personally enjoy this field and the hands on experience. I will need a degree to advance on the enlisted side of the ARMY.

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Most importantly I will need this after retiring from the military, what better than to have a degree in a field hat I enjoy doing after twenty years of active duty service. I wish to work for a major corporation such as Google, Microsoft, or any major corporation as one of the I. T. Personnel. I want to be an example to my children and show them how important education is and how they can achieve anything they put their minds to. I also want to be an example to my soldiers and to be an exceptional example as to what a leader is.

Life Management Techniques In order for me to be successful with my college courses, I find it easy for me to concentrate when I’m sitting at a desk with a mouse and a keyboard. I find it hard to sit on the couch with a laptop. The golden rule in the military has always been “Stay focused on the mission” (Nave Gain, 2014, Para 1). I am able to focus on the task much easier when I feel like I am in a learning environment. I find it somewhat easy to find time to complete my courses. Although my schedule is very unpredictable, I’m able to adjust and complete assignments when I can.

My wife is very supportive all around. She helps me out in many ways so that I have time to complete my assignments. So far, my plan of action is to complete home work every night after work. I will nearly take two to four hours after work to sit down and focus on my courses. I also try to stay ahead of the curve by completing assignments as soon as I can. Doing this is tricky; I do not want to be in such a hurry that I do not receive a good grade. Study Methods for Academic Achievement After reading chapters four through six, I discovered that my learning style is “Kinesthesia”.

This learning style likes to use hands-on approach to learn new material and is usually good in math and science. Kinesthesia learners would rather demonstrate how to do something rather than verbally explain it. This learning style also prefers group work more than others. I can relate to this when dealing with work or any task. I tend to learn faster when I’m actually going through the motions to complete the task. I look back in the past in reference to Jobs that I had. I can see how I was successful in the several different areas learning the way I did. Another learning style is “Auditory’.

Auditory retains information through hearing and speaking and often prefers to be told how to do things. Once they have been told, they choose to summarize the main points out loud to help with memorization. This type of learning style also concentrates better with soft music playing in the background, I cannot concentrate with music in the background and I feel talking gets me nowhere so I must perform the task to understand it. The last learning style is “Visual”. This learning style uses visual objects such as graphs, charts, pictures, and seeing information.

Visual learners are most likely able to memorize and recall information as well as remember things that are written down. I can relate this as well. I feel that if I see the information I can understand it better. I was actually surprised to see that my dominant learning style was Kinesthesia. The study strategy that I see myself using is “Chucking”. I process information www. Lifesaver. Com gives an example if you need to remember a list of things–such as buying figs, lettuce, oranges, apples, and tomatoes-?you can create a word out of the first letters (e. . , “FLOAT”), which is easier to remember than the individual terms (Melanie, 2012). Once I understand that specific portion, I would move on to the next segment. Upon completing assignments in this class, I often read the chapters over and over until I understand them. I catch myself reading a paragraph several times until I understand it completely. This is critical for me to acquire my degree in the future. I feel that this learning style and study strategy suites me well and will prove me to be successful.

Literature in the Field of Study Computers in today’s world are used for Just about anything and everything from school and business trade, to vehicle diagnosis and good old home work. However, computers are not perfect no matter how big or small. A computer lets you make more mistakes faster than any other invention in human history, with the possible exceptions of handguns and tequila, according to Reid Goldbricks (2008) in the article, “When Bad things Happen to Good Computers. ” A computer will have issues that needs resolved.

Computers can generate their own issues but most of the time it’s the users who takes credit for the majority of the faults. In this article the author describes well known issues that occur with computers. The author gives tips on what the user might do in order to correct the issue. He also names a few system repair business that you might use due to their creditable history. This article does not inform the user on which system is better than the other; it merely describes errors the user may encounter. Before you go throwing our computer out the window, think about what you can do to protect your computer.

You might think twice when your antivirus software pops up and says “update now or postpone for 10 hours? ” Professional Culture The culture of my chosen career profession is without a doubt very rich in culture. There are many different beliefs and values from all walks of life. The culture in the Information Technology career field has structured beliefs and a sense of intelligence. The information technology field is for those who are interested in “how things work. ” We take it upon ourselves to understand how and why things operate the way they do.

Just as Association of Information Technology Professionals say “No matter how sophisticated the technology, it still takes people! ” TIP (2012) http:// Hawaiian. Organize=Alternators. Another well-known professional membership association is CISCO. Cisco is very popular with networking and has had great success throughout the years. I plan to contribute to the culture of my chosen career field by educating myself in the various cultures that surround the information technology field. I plan to stay committed to my career path because I enjoy the challenge it has to offer. I believe my education would benefit me greatly to the I.

T field. I would learn and grow as an individual and share my values, contributions in my chosen field of study. Summary After looking back through the years I don’t regret a single thing Eve done in life. I will take advantage of the time that I have now, versus the time I had in the past to complete a degree. I now have a better understanding for a higher education. I know the meaning behind school and hard work that comes with it. I also realize the what keeps the motivation going through the good and bad times. I will ensure that I have a consistent plan of action to fortify my goal of achieving a degree.

I am looking forward to completing my Bachelors of Science in Information Technology. I believe this will open many doors in the future. Having a degree will not only assist me now in the Military, but set me up for success after retiring the ARMY. References Goldbricks, R. (2008). When Bad Things Happen to Good Computers. Tech Directions, 67(6), 13. Retrieved from Regional Business News Improve your memory with the chucking technique. (2012, September 26). Retrieved from http://Lifesaver. Com/5946606/improve-your-memory-with-the-chucking- technique Appendix A Appendix B


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