County fair Essay

After waiting anxiously in a two mile car line, which seemed more like ten miles, we were finally at the gate waiting to buy our ticket of fun and Joy for the county fair, which was no different each year that came around. While waiting for my pass to paradise, which seemed as if we were in the same spot for hours, I could not stop thinking of all the fun I was going to have once we pass those rusty old gates that were separating me from heaven.

What most worried me though, was If I would actually have enough time to eat all the goodness, ride all my favorite rides and get to e all the Interesting animals at the petting zoo. “Next, next! ” I heard the grumpy lady scream at the entrance booth, thinking I would never hear those words I glided to the front and received my colorful wristband and with a huge smile across my face, I was finally In! Once I was In the land of Joy, I did not know where to start my Journey, but what I did know was that the funnel cake stand was looking straight at me, as If It knew what I wanted.

I ran straight to the stand, gave the man my money and grabbed my prize of funnel cake greatness. The fried dough covered in powder sugar and topped cherry jelly, was stripped into pieces and eaten in seconds by me. Walking further, I bumped into my other weakness “elephant ears”, not resisting the smell I had one in my hands within moments and practically finished it in one bite. Feeling a bit stuffed by the food I thought it was time for the next step. While wondering around for a bit, waiting for the food to digest, I stumbled onto my favorite ride, the Zipper. The ride shook with each person that stepped on the old metal cages.

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Once I heard the loud siren go off, I grabbed tighter onto the metal bar and closed my eyes knowing that it was going to get wild. After the first spin there was not a better feeling I could have experienced, with the death screams of the other riders and whooshing wind in my ears, I felt thrilled. After the zipper I got on other great rides like the fireball, ring of fire, toboggan, bumper cars and too many more to remember. Feeling somewhat dozed of all the fun rides, I thought it was that time of the night to take it easy and spend some time at the petting zoo.

Entering the huge red tarp which had a light scent of animal manure, I reach into my pocket and picked out some spare change to put into the feed coin machine. Surprisingly It gave me quite a bunch of pellet feed. The first animal to catch my attention was the zebra and Its so many stripes. I walked up to the fence, extended my arm and offered It some pellets. He nibbled the feed off my hand, tickling the palm of my hand. I fed the rest of the pellets to other interesting animals Like lamas, calf’s, pigs, kangaroos, goats, sheep, camels, and more that I don’t remember.

Each moment that I spent at the fair was a great experience, from food that fulfills my eating fantasies to the rides that leave me thrilled of amusement and how can I forget the sweet animals at the zoo that fill me with joy. I am definitely looking forward in visiting the county fair next year and repeat all over again the goodness of eating funnel cakes and elephant ears. Riding the zipper and fireball that rises my zebras, lamas, goats and pigs. When something fills you with love, Joy and excitement it doesn’t matter how many time you repeat the same process over and over again, every time will be better.


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