Costa Coffee Recruitment Essay

In-Store Careers: Join our team of Costa Baristas, committed to delivering an exemplary experience to every customer. We’ll teach you how to make the perfect coffee with speed and precision, while brining your own passion and determination. In return for the skills you bring to Costa we’ll pay you our starting hourly rate of EH. 36, which will progress upwards as you do. Or join us as either a Store Manager or Assistant Manager: As a Store Manager, you’ll earn a monthly salary. This will Start from El 7,750 plus a potential bonus.

Like your staff your pay Will increase as you progress. Your salary is calculated yearly against your store profits and sell rate. As an Assistant Manager your starting hourly rate will be from EH. 50 . Your pay will also increase as you progress, not only this button will be entitled to a unique training programmer which will prepare you for running your own store one day. Benefits for working at Costa To make sure everyone at Costa is working their absolute hardest we have an advanced benefit scheme to provide motive to all our employees.

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This includes: – Enjoying our menu drinks as much as our customers – except for our team they are free – 50% discount on food to keep you going while on shift – Depending on the hours you work, up to 25 days plus 8 bank holidays – Bonus schemes -? Assistant Manager 10% and Store Manager 60% of salary Plus, Costa belongs to the Whitehead family, so with that comes some added infinite including.


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