Copy Strategy Naturness Essay

Infant nutrition Brand copy strategy Natures 1 . Competitive context Lot of Infant nutrition brands on the French market (89 on http://gulled-products. Limestone. Com) but the most famous are Nestle and Its mall competitor Blended. 2. Communication and business opportunity for the brand Nestle is the number 2 on the market but Natures does not increase so much as in year 1 & 2 even if its first communication had a good effect on sales and settled the brand.

Increase its market share thanks to households where their products are not resent yet Now, organic brands as Hip Biological or Baby are also present. 3. Communication objective Demonstrate the importance of Natures In the development of babies’ health capital, not only for anxious or mentoring mothers but also for parents who are less aware of the necessity of healthy and specific food for babies 4. Target an Parents of babies between zero and three The internet generation who have 1st child at the age of 30, extremely emotional 5.

Insight Mothers who want to spend a good night with a baby who sleeps well during the night Single parents NON : “A good night is an essential moment for baby’s growth and brain development” NON : “The night is a crucial time for a baby, do not disturb it ! ” 6. Brand proposition z Functional benefit Good digestion of Natures products => Consequence : Good sleep for both babies and parents ! Emotional benefit Mothers feel good because their children do not wake up all the night and at the same time mothers give them a natural food with healthy benefits.

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Reason to believe How to help babies to sleep well? Is one of the main preoccupation of parents nowadays because they are aware of the importance of the night for both development for babies and rest for parents. Brand personality Nutritional experts who know how to make the best nutrition for children and how to make them feel good with natural products В« Eaves Natures, moon bb profits des benefits De la nature tout en dormant immix… Et mom quasi ! В» 8. Key performance indicators Sales in volume Sales in value Market share Return on investment Customer Value


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