Consumer Behavior Essay

You are to follow the course outline dated in this Coursework Booklet. 1. 0 Instructor Bal Dry. Chew Kook Way, Faculty of Management, Multimedia University. Room: 3029 (3rd Floor) Tell: 03 – 8312 5727 Fax: 03 – 8312 5590 Email: [email protected] Du. My Consultation Hours: Wednesday: Thursday: 1 . Mom – 3. Mom 4. Pm – 6. Pm Dry. Chew Kook Way is an Associate Professor, Faculty of Management, Multimedia University, Malaysia. He is also a Singapore Internet Research Center Associate, Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, Nanning Technological University, Singapore.

Currently, he is the Ambassador for Malaysia, Academy of Management Human Resource Division’s Ambassadors Program. He was a Visiting Research Scholar, Indian Institute of Management, Metadata, India. He earned his Bachelor of Agricultural Science (Honors) from Universities Putter Malaysia, Master of Business Administration from Universities Sebastian Malaysia, and PhD from Multimedia University. He has published more than 40 papers in international refereed Journals and conference proceedings. His research interests are multi-disciplinary.

As Principal Investigator, he has completed two e-commerce research projects funded by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, Malaysia. He is currently a Co- Principal Investigator for a project entitled “Human Resource Management Framework for Innovative Capability Development” funded by the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia. His research interests include Behavior and Internet, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management.

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Prior to Joining Multimedia University, he has worked for a Milliner plantation company as Estate Manager and Research Manager. 2. 0 Course Objective The objective of this course is to provide an in-depth understanding of approaches and techniques in compensating and rewarding employees. The online lecture notes and module will be your main focus for this subject. The content in these lecture notes and module are based on your textbook. If you find that you can not understand the lecture notes and module, please read the textbook. 3. Course overview Your module is written as a guide for the Compensation and Benefits course. It does not replace your textbook. In Chapter One, you learn the importance and concept of insemination and benefits. Chapter Two covers the topic of internal consistency, pay structure, Job analysis, Job evaluation and competencies. Chapter Three focuses on external competitiveness, pay levels and pay structures. Chapter Four describes factors influencing pay and identifies types of pay-for-performance plans. Chapter Five explains benefits.

Chapter Six describes the compensation of special groups and the role of unions in wage structures. Chapter Seven discusses the role of government in compensation, determinants of pay differences, and the concepts of administration and total pay model. Chapter Eight describes the Employees Provident Fund (PEP).

All of the disagreements revolve around the incentive system. What might be the problems? What changes can be made to the compensation method? Hint: Please read Chapter 9 (Pay for Performance: The Evidence) of your textbook entitled “Compensation, 10th Edition” by Miltonic, Newman and Gerhard, 2011. Assignment 2 (25 marks) study your organization’s compensation Ana Detentes polices Ana procedures. List down these policies and procedures, evaluate their strengths and weaknesses and give your suggestion for improvements”. Format for the Assignment: .

Organization’s background (type of business, location, types of company – multinational or local, years in operation, number of employees) b. List of policies/ procedures/processes/methods c. Analysis (strengths and weaknesses) d. Recommendation (suggestion for improvements) e. References (if there is any) f. Appendix (if there is any) 7. Face to face Tutorial Quiz (10 marks) You are required to take the quiz during face to face tutorial. Questions in the quiz shall be in the essay format. 8. 0 Final Examination (50 marks) Examination format: You are required to answer 4 essays.


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