Conflicts between mainland n hk interview Essay

Good afternoon, my name is Chain Pop Mining. I am a reporter of Hong Kong Daily News and I was studying Public Policy In City university of Hong Kong before. Last Sunday, Scores of protesters marched through This Shah Thus in an “anta-locust” campaign demanding the government curb mainland visitors. Interviewer: During the protest, the mainlanders are sneered as “locust”. How do you think about this term? Interviewer: How would you describe the relationship between Hong Kong n Mainland nowadays?

First of all, I think the nature of Locust Is stereotype and this kind of stereotype is mainly from Some of the Hong Kong people think that the mainlanders come to Hong Kong and destroy and Just leave. But this kind of stereotype is not very good for Hong Kong no matter for the relationships between China and Hong Kong for Hong Kong people itself even the image of HIKE is not very good. NAS (000045-000123) With “double-not” pregnant women flocking to Hong Kong and mainland tourists snapping up everything, the mainland-HACK conflicts are more and more controversial.

Interviewer: As for the mainland-HACK conflict, do you think its able to be solved or will be continued to be worse and worse? Its definitely can’t solved at this moment. Because It Is the problem rooted In 2003, since the individual traveler came to Hong Kong since the government started this policy I think this situation will only be worse and worse and the level of this situation only depends on the government’s reaction in the future. NAS: 000142-000210 (Get worse) Interviewer: At first, the conflict may Just begin with a small issue, why people today become so critical and mean Judging one another on this Issue?

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Well first of all we have to review that why people nowadays become so radical I think the nature of that only because we r suffering from some contradictions in Hong Kong society. Not only in the individual traveler problem – the relationship between Hong Kong and China, maybe it is also the inflation the also something like the house price the government policy the trust of the government the freedom that we owned before. I think this kind of problem… He gobo didn’t do anything to solve the problem and accumulate nowadays explode in this aspect hack people dissatisfy Interviewer: As you mentioned, the gobo didn’t do anything so far what Do you think the government can do anything to alleviate this scenario? Because we can see that the gobo actually has reacted very quickly after the protest steady as I arm 2-3 chief governments have come to the media and spoken SST Oh its reel very good ERM Hong Kong is a very welcome city please come to hack we can’t do that to mainlanders shot like that. That shouldn’t be SST the gobo do.

When the gobo do SST like that, it would only deepen the contradiction n conflicts . The gobo Just standing aside which supports the mainlanders why listen to opposition side.. The gobo firstly have to solve the problem have to listen have to break the stereotype they think they Just destroy our home… Invite some mainlanders .. They are not so bad as they think. Can’t stereotype all mainlanders as locust. 000327-000512 Interviewer: Other than the difference of the policies, do you think the cultural difference contribute to this growing problem?

On the issue of cultural difference, which one do you think is more likely to be the reason, the barbarism of mainlanders or the prejudice of Hong Kong people? That the cultural different is one of the issues nowadays when china gobo firstly coordinate with HACK, India travel is the first policy also CHEAP first policy that chi gobo u to combine HACK n hack making it part of China… Also part of combination Fist of all, we have icon connection to now we have ultra connect, we can see that the … The German also judder from this problem cultural background. 00533-000700 Interviewer: What are the benefits and defects of the influx of Mainlanders? Which outweighs? Interviewer: Do you have anything to add? It’s almost the end of our interview. Thank you! Next , a protest against the influx of mainland tourists. But as _ reports, some say the demonstration undermined He’s image. Yet, another episode of the tension between the people of HACK and the mainland. About two hundreds people Joined a movement in TTS to discourage mainlanders to coming to HACK. The group insulted mainland tourists, calling them “locust”, which forced some of them to hide inside shops.

Police had to escort the tourists out. Some shops closed their doors as all this happened. Some tourists we talked to say they’re offended, calling the protesters ‘uncivilized’. The demonstration was confronted by a group of pro-government supporters who said they protest damage the reputation of today is Just the start of the long fight. Arguments and tussles continued on between the opposing groups as the two tried to voice their demands. Meanwhile, police officers had to block off parts of the canton road during the protest.


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