Conclusion: liability and gain the trust of


Based on the precedent cases and ordinances, Mr. L should be able to
reduce his sentence, especially if he pleads guilty. With his clean criminal
record, the fathomable motive behind committing such crime and his show of
remorse for his action through pleading guilty the court may show some leniency
and lower his sentence. Similarly, bail is achievable if the court is satisfied
that he can effectuate the circumstances requisite for bail. On the other hand,
the courts may apply 9G(1) of the CPO
(Cap.221) preventing the defendant
from bail. As for sentencing, the final decision rest upon the jury and judge’s
interpretation of what is the most suitable sentence for the behaviour of Mr. L
as each case is factually unique.

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Firstly, there can be further investigating on the facts of the case to
find supporting evidence that can prove the defendant’s liability and gain the
trust of the court, which in turn will increase his chances of receiving bail. Facts
such as his clean criminal background and clear reasoning expressing why he
sincerely wants to see his family are both prominent evidence to support his
stance. Secondly, clarifying that his motives behind the armed robbery were
purely due to his mental stress and financial burden. Exemplifying to the court
the receipts for the debt he owes to the bank and loan shark and his daughter’s
overdue tuition fees could help him gain sympathy from the court and lessen his
sentence. Finally, asking his friends and colleagues at work to vouch for him by
writing a character reference letter to make an impression on the judge and plead
for him, potentially lower his sentence. 


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